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Libby | 20 comments Ruth Law Thrills a Nation

This picture book tells the story of a brave woman named Ruth Law who dared to fly from Chicago to New York in one day in 1916. It describes how she prepared to fly that distance and the struggles she faced. Ruth had to land two hours before she reached New York because it was getting dark and she had no headlights. This book would be great for Kindergarten and up as a social studies lesson. It would start a great discussion about what is different now compared to back then.

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Libby | 20 comments Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I had been looking for a book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to read to my Kindergarteners and I came across this book. This book is an amazing telling of his life from a boy to his death and everything inbetween. Almost every page has an important quote from his life, not to mention the beautiful illustrations on each page. This book could be used at any grade level because there are so many different lessons and things you could do with it.

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