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Libby | 20 comments Twilight

Twilight is a very popular book/series and because of this I would recommend it to young adults. Obviously there is something that is drawing them in and encouraging students to read - even students who might not have been reading before. However, I do not think it is a great "role model" book for young girls to be reading.
The main character, Bella, moves away from her mom and her new husband to live with her dad. She ends up meeting Edward, a vampire, and after a lot of drama and a depressing attitude throughout the book, Bella and Edward kind of get together but not really. You'd have to read the rest of the series to find out what actually happens. Bella is very dependent and obsessed with Edward for most of the book and she has such a negative attitude towards everything she does. I am not sure she is what I would want young readers to have as a role model. However, as I said, I couldn't put it down and if it is getting students to read it could be a double edged sword - or the start to an important conversation.

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Libby | 20 comments You Remind Me Of You : A Poetry Memoir

This is a very powerful memoir in poetry form about a girl who struggled with eating disorders. Her struggle began at 16 and led her to years in and out of treatment facilities. She learns after graduation that her old boyfriend attempted suicide and is in a coma in the hospital. They work to help heal each other and themselves.

The book is very honest and is written beautifully. It is definitely a book for more mature readers at the high school level because of some of the content. However, these are very real issues that many teenagers face today and to hear an experience from the mouth of a person who went through these problems can be very powerful. It allows students to be able to relate to someone which is many times what they need. Also, to see what she went through and where she is today can be encouraging.

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