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Ashlei | 28 comments The Meaning of Life… And Other Stuff by Jimmy Gownley

The Meaning of Life is one of seven in the series where the character, Amelia McBride, continues to mature and is learning about things in life like friendship, life, and love. Amelia encounters struggles such as her parents’ divorce, the club created with her friends, and her spot on the cheerleading squad all within this comic. Several of the issues discussed are those that children can easily relate to.
I can see how students would enjoy this type of graphic novel; however, I personally did not care for it. I have never been a big fan of comic strips; therefore, I was immediately turned off from the presentation with speaking bubbles and such. But, I can see how children would enjoy this and feel success through reading it. The talking bubbles and illustrations provided a “quick” and enjoyable read for kids.

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