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Ashlei | 28 comments Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco

Rose was told her Father’s, Sheldon Russell Curtis, story many times. She remembered almost every word so she could retell it. Her Father was fighting in a battle when he got wounded and was left behind to die. Pinkus, a colored boy wearing Union colors like Sheldon, picked him up and carried him off the field and took him to his mother’s, Moe Moe Bay. Moe Moe Bay tool care of both boys as if they were both her sons. Pinkus and Sheldon became close during the recovering days but they knew that they had to leave soon because they were putting Moe Moe Bay in danger. However, it was too late to leave because the Confederate troops came and Pinkus and Sheldon found Moe Moe Bay lying in the grass, still. While on their way back to find their troops, they were caught and thrown into boxcars where they were sent to the worst Confederate camp. When unloaded from the boxcar Pinkus and Sheldon held tight to one another’s hand but they were eventually torn apart. Sheldon was released from prison a few months after being captured but Pinkus never returned. Sheldon survived to tell his story and it has been passed down through generations with no alterations.
What a great yet sad book! This book talks about several things such as the Union and Confederates, slaves, a friendship that is built between different races, and other issues. I enjoyed reading how the story had been passed down through generations and the handshake continued.

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Ashlei | 28 comments War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

LOVE LOVE LOVE War Horse!! There are several issues/areas that can be integrated with this book. War Horse if a novel taking place during WW1 told from a horse, Joey, perspective. Prior to being sold into the War, Joey was a farm horse and taken care of and deeply loved by Albert. After being torn apart from Albert, Joey becomes a cavalry horse in WW1 and is titled the ultimate war horse. As mentioned, Joey is telling the story of the War and questions if it will ever end, explains his job of carrying wounded soldiers, and heavy artillery. Albert soon enlists in the War hoping to found his beloved friend, Joey. It is an inspiring story about friendships, how horses changed people’s lives during this time, and advancements with technology.
After thoroughly enjoying this book and seeing all the connections and integrations that could be made from it, I knew my students would love it. I introduced it all on Monday as well as background information on WW1 (they are beginning to study it in Social Studies this week- perfect timing). Students did not begin reading yesterday, but they were left in suspense after showing them the movie trailer (the movie comes out at Christmas) and first thing this morning they were asking when they would begin the reading today. LOVED IT!

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