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Libby | 20 comments Dirt on My Shirt

Dirt on my Shirt is a collection of short and random poems, mostly written from the perspective of a child. The topics range from family members to noises to poems about animals. The unique thing about these poems are they are about one small moment, event or trait about a person. I think this would be a great book to use for a mentor text to work on the 'voice' trait or if you were doing a poetry unit.

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Libby | 20 comments Now We Are Six

Written in 1927, this book is by the same author as one of the most known characters of all time, Winnie the Pooh. This book is full of 'pooh-poetry' and poems about life and other things. The poems also have a great rhythm to them that I haven't seen in many poetry books today. I think this might be a great, and different way to work on some vocabulary and comprehension. It is definetely something that students today would not be used to because of the vocabulary that is used and the way the verses are set up however they may need to use some more critical thinking skills as the meanings are not always obvious.

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