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Sonya Wilson | 35 comments Morse, S. (2008). Magic pickle. New York, NY. Scholastic.
The Magic Pickle is about a pickle that has been awakened from a long sleep. The pickle is a superhero that has come to find the evil villains, the vegetables. The vegetables and the pickles used to live underneath a girls bed in a whole in the floor. When the girl discovers the hole, she goes into the hole thus awakening the pickle. The girl and the pickle find the evil villains and put an end to their destruction.
I loved this story. The storyline flowed easily and I was very interested in getting to the end of the story, a page turner. The illustrations are wonderful, nice clear pictures. The book is written in chapters, so if the students want to find a good place to stop reading for a break, they can. While reading the book I felt like I was seeing the action enfold on a television screen.

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Sonya Wilson | 35 comments Tobin, P.(2007).Spiderman.O.C.,Canada.Dan Buckley.
This was the typical Spiderman graphic novel. The twist to this story is that there are two girls with superhuman powers. One girl can read minds and the other one can touch someone and put ideas into their minds. The two girls have lived in many different places. One day they see Spiderman and the one girl decides that she want to attend high school so that she can get close to Spiderman. Throughout the story Spiderman solves crimes.

This is an interesting story that I think the boys will enjoy reading. I am not a Spiderman fan, so I did not enjoy the reading, but if one enjoys Spiderman, and then they will like the graphic novel. There were quite a few storylines going on in this novel and so I kept turning back in the story to remember who was who. It was an easy read also broken down into chapters.

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