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Ashlei | 28 comments Lon Po Po; A Red Riding Hood Story from China by Ed. Young

Lon Po Po is a Chinese Folktale, similar to Little Red Riding Hood. Shang, Tao, and Paotze were left alone in their home while their mother went to go visit their grandmother, Po Po. While she was away, a wolf disguises himself as the sibling's Po Po and enters their home. The children became suspicious of their Po Po due to her unusual behavior. Shang soon realized that Po Po was indeed a wolf in disguise and tricked the wolf into letting them get some gingko nuts at the top of the tree outside their home. As they hoisted the wolf up the tree, they eventually let it go causing the wolf to crash to the ground. The children quickly raced down the tree and into their home locking the door behind them.
While reading the dedication page, I found it amusing that the author dedicated the story to all the wolves in the world. I think this story would be an excellent story to read to elaborate on comparing and contrasting of two different tales and cultures.

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Ashlei | 28 comments The Village of Round and Square Houses by Ann Grifalconi

When Osa was full-grown and left her village, she soon discovered that her village was like no other. She begins be telling her story of how her village became the way that is now; men living in square houses and women in round ones. When she was young her Gran’ma Tika told her the story of the Old Mother Naka who slept soundly until one day long, long, ago when Naka began to awake from her sleep. The voice of Naka roared and thundered about covering the land and people with ashes. Naka had spared all the people of the village and two houses; one square and the other round. At once the village chief began ordering people about; you to that house, you to this house. And that is how the village became the way that is has been for so many years; men in the square house, women in the round and the gathering together for meals.
I enjoyed this book because from a different culture than mine one, one that many are not use to. I think it is good for adults and children to read about other cultures and ways of living whether through folktale stories or other sources. Grifalconi did a superb job in her illustrations. The illustrations look as if they were painted or used oil pastels with bold brush strokes to call the reader’s attention to the illustrations.

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