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Ashlei | 28 comments The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff

This book was a Rebecca Caudill Nominee in 2010. It is a story about a fourth grader, Georgie. See Georgie can’t sit on the floor and bring his knees to his chest and hold them. He cannot take his right arm and stretch it over his head and touch his left ear. He cannot reach the white board in class without a step stool. Georgie is only 42 inches. The story involves several topics such as accepting differences, overcoming fights with friends, and worries of a new baby entering the family to name a few. It is a kid friendly book that ties in issues that several of them can relate to, especially finding the “thing” about them.

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Ashlei | 28 comments Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder

Will Page, a twelve year old, who lost his family on account of the Civil War and disease is sent to live with his mother’s sister and family. Will, once a privileged young boy, now has to live with relatives in the rural life of Virginia Piedmont and do his share of work. Will is not fond of having to work aside his Uncle and when the opportunity comes for Will to go back to him hometown to live with a family friend, he is surprisingly torn on whether to leave or stay. Through their differencing of opinions on the Civil War, Will soon realizes that his thoughts towards his Uncle were wrong and goof people have different views.

At first I was not sure if I would like this book. But, while reading it I found myself getting caught up in it and being scared that Will would not come around to seeing that his Uncle was a good man despite the fact that he chose not to fight in the war. Throughout this story it became obvious that Will and his relatives needed each other more than they knew. It was an inspiring story in many ways, especially in the sense that many people have different views on things but that does not make them less of a person.

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