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Amy Stevens | 26 comments The Hat by Jan Brett

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy Stevens | 26 comments Has anyone read The Hat by Jan Brett? It's similar to the mitten, except a hedgehog accidentally stumbles into a "hat." Throughout the story Brett uses all parts of the page including the borders. At first glance, one may not notice the key piece the borders around the main illustrations. Throughout the story, other animals see the hedgehog with the hat and desire to have one too. The clothing comes from a clothesline hanging out to dry. The illustrations in the borders show the owner's clothing, Lisa, trying to figure out what is going on. Basically, it's a story within a story. Brett weaves together textual story in the main frame and a graphic story in the border.

My youngest daughter loves this book! I am not sure if she thinks the animals are entertaining, or the somewhat predictable nature of the story as it proceeds throughout the book.

Again, another great text for combining multimodal uses of print as mentioned in are articles from class. Students really have to look that there are layers of stories occurring simultaneously throughout this text.

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Amy Stevens | 26 comments Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann is a Caldecott Medal book written in 1995. Initially the story starts out with Officer Buckle and his safety tips for students. Officer Buckle makes his presentation for students and the kids fall asleep. No one seems to care what he has to say and he is used to this being the typical reaction to the presentation. Time fast forwards in the book and the officer is partnered with a K-9 police dog. The dog, Gloria, attends a safety speech at the school and stands behind Officer Buckle. Throughout the presentation, Gloria mocks the policeman unbeknownst to him. The students seem to perk up and pay attention the entire time. Gloria's antics begin to draw bigger crowds and the duos receives multiple requests for presentations. One night, Officer Buckle sees the couple on the news and is shocked and angered by Gloria's behavior. When he is called for another appearance, he refuses to go. Is this resolved? Yes...but I am going to suggest you read this yourself. I think this is a great story for using as bibliotherapy when a child feels they have been wronged by another student to see you can forgive and get past your conflict.

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