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Marci | 21 comments For my graphic novels I chose to read Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. I wanted to read this version of the story because I had also read Harriet Tubman for the biography book. I wanted to compare what kids would get out of both stories. This was a good graphic novel for finding out what she was all about and what important event she led. I would say the graphic novel was a litte of an overview of what the biography told. If a student wanted to find out much more indepth information and many more details about her, then they would want to read the biography. Reading both would be recommended.

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Marci | 21 comments For my second graphic novel I chose one from my own classroom so I know what my students are reading. I have some called Knights of the Lunch Table. This story is sort of a typical cartoon/comic book. It has heroes and villions and there is a problem which is solved by the end. I can see why these hold some students' interests. There are not a lot of words compared to pictures and honestly I do not see the opportunity to learn many new vocab words, but a few. This book makes me think a more about which graphic novels I will add to my classroom library in the future. I think I will only choose the ones that will teach students more. Of course I want them to be fun to read, but I also feel the need to make sure they are educational too where my students reading them will learn and practice reading skills.

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