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Amy Stevens | 26 comments The Lightning Thief


message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy Stevens | 26 comments I chose to read the graphic novel format of The Lightning Thief. Having read the original works by Rick Riordan, I was perplexed by this other book.

While the graphic novel version is a quick read, I found it hard to follow. Maybe it would have been different if I had not already read the other book. What I found difficult is that the picture frames did not flow left to right. Sometimes they went top to bottom, left to right and a mixture! It made me a bit dizzy.

I also didn't care for this because the graphic novel left out KEY POINTS in the entire plot! Even with a condensed version, the vocabulary was challenging so I do not think my struggling readers would really be able to truly comprehend the key points of the story.

Overall, not a fan of this version of The Lightning Thief, I will stick to the original!

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Amy Stevens | 26 comments Flying Jake by Lane Smith was published in 1988. While I was working on my author study of Jon Scieszka, I started looking into many of the works by Lane Smith since the two of them coauthored many books.

I came across this book! It's not a graphic novel, but a graphic children's book! I was so ecstatic to discover this as an introduction for my students to graphic novels. Where most graphic novels have bubbles for the characters to speak; Smith avoids any text in this piece.

Students would be able to incorporate writing into this book by creating their own stories to accompany Lane Smith's book Flying Jake.

The story itself is about a boy who has a pet bird. One day the bird gets out of the cage and flies away. Jake flies after it, playing his harmonica. Throughout the course of the story you can see the adults are annoyed. The birds of the world join with Jake to find his pet. Very interesting and great for inferencing as well!

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