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Amber Thomas (althomas80) | 28 comments Saturdays and Teacakes By Lester Laminack
This story is about a young boy and his Saturday with his grandmother. He vividly describes his ride there and gives a variety of proper names and repeated words that leave a lasting impression to any reader. After arriving at his grandmothers, he cuts the lawn and they eat lunch of fresh tomato sandwiches. Once they are done eating lunch, his grandmother suggests that they make teacakes. The author uses many brand names and figurative language to describe their process of making and baking the teacakes. After eating the teacakes, the little boy prepares to leave his grandmothers vowing to never forget his Saturdays with his grandmother.
This story is recommended for all readers young and old. It has the ability to remind you of special times with your grandparents or parents. I know I thought back to special times with my grandparents remembering how special I felt when I spent time with them. It can be used in the classroom as students examine authors craft as a reader and a writer. It also provides opportunities for students to make connections to their lives and other texts. This is a text I use every year with my students and it still brings a smile to my face as I read it.

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Amber Thomas (althomas80) | 28 comments Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type By: Doreen Cronin
This story is about a group of cows that have acquired a typewriter. They are making demands to Farmer Brown, who takes care of them. They refuse to give him milk until they get electric blankets. The next day, the chickens demand electric blankets and will not give eggs until they get them. Farmer Brown was really angry and typed a letter of his own and said he would not give them electric blankets. The duck was the neutral party and delivered the letter to the cows. All night, the cows talked about the farmer’s letter and decided to write him a letter back. They said they would give up the typewriter and send it over with the duck if they all got electric blankets. Farmer Brown decided this was a good idea and gave them all electric blankets. However, the story ends with the ducks typing a letter to Farmer Brown requesting a diving board for their pond.
This book would be a great read aloud to discuss the fantasy genre. One of the teachers I work with suggested I use it within our writer’s workshop to teach things like sound effects and repeated words. I could definitely see my class using this author’s craft in their writing. I can see students in grades 1-3 reading this book for enjoyment. Also, teachers from any grade level could use it as mentor texts during reading and writing blocks.

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