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Marci | 21 comments The book Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury, my favorite author, is great. It is a story about a family making things work after their 3 year old suddenly begins to slip away into autism. The story takes them on a journey through the years of destroyed relationships and miracles as their son begins to come out from under the cloud for the first time in high school. He meets a girl and is drawn to her music and singing. This author did a fabulous job of letting the readers into his mind as well as feel the emotions of everyone in his life. The book also deals with the subject of bullying as the boy is bullied almost daily because of his disability and differences. A friend of his that was constantly bullied even decided to committ suicide in order to escape his pain. This book is based on a true story of a boy who is autistic and began coming out of it when he discovered a kids theater group and the music that was incorporated into that. This is a high school level book, but could also be enjoyed by mature Jr. Highers. There is NO inappropriate content in this book which is a refresher from most YA/Adult books.

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Marci | 21 comments The next book I read was called My Boyfriend is a Monster. My Jr. High daughter was reading it and I wanted to see what kind of things she is reading at the Jr. High level. It is a graphic novel, but seems to be called a comic. It is a hardback book. I read it in an hour or so and was 127 pages. It is about a high school girl that meets a were-bat guy. He ends up saving her life a few times and she finds out about what her calling in life is. I like the book because through the story it seems to encourage getting an education as a very positive thing. The only thing the girl character really struggles with is what she is going to do next after her senior year, until she finds out what her calling is through her all of a sudden near death experiences and the "hot" guy that is also a were-bat there to protect her. He was supposedly assigned to her to protect her until she found out this calling is being passed down to her from a grandfather retiring from it that she thought was dead all of these years. Anyway, it was nice to get through a book in such a short time and still feel like I read a lot, a whole novel. I am finding out more and more that I like these graphic novels and it was nice to read something that my daughter had been reading so I can see what she's interested in...there is a whole series out there and they are a part of the "graphic universe" collections.

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