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Kassidy | 24 comments Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy (Historical Fiction) is a novel that is written in verse about life in the Lodz ghetto by a young Jewish girl. The story is based off of the true story of Roy’s Aunt Sylvia. The story follows Sylvia from the age of about 4 through the age of 10. It tells the story of 1 of only 12 children to survive the Lodz ghetto. This story is told through the eye of a young child and is a strong representation of what their life was like.
I loved this book. It told the story from a child’s perspective which would be easy for students to relate too. This book would be great to use in a unit on World War II or the Holocaust. It provides detailed descriptions of what happened without being graphic or too mature in nature. It reminded me of Number the Stars.

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Kassidy | 24 comments The Boy who Dared by Susan Campbell (Historical Fiction) is another book that is set during WWII and the Holocaust. This book provided another perspective that is rarely seen in children’s literature. It is the story of Helmuth Hubener, the youngest person to be sentenced and executed by the Nazi’s. This book tells the story of a young German man who is waiting for his execution for treason. It utilizes flashbacks to tell the story of his childhood and maturation through WWII and the Nazi regime.
I liked this book because of the contrast between it and the Yellow Star. I think that it is important to expose students to multiple perspectives about life during conflicts and war. This is another book that would be great to use in a Holocaust unit. It focuses on the internal and external conflicts that the protagonist faces as he grows up and disagrees with the government.

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