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Kassidy | 24 comments Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson is a young adult novel that focuses on Tyler Miller. Tyler is a senior that makes a poor decision to graffiti the school. His poor choice increases his popularity and he begins to date one of the most popular girls in school. The book features crazy parties, nude pictures, vandalism, and the pressures of high school.

I think this book is great for high school boys. There are many books that focus on the pressures that girls face in school, but few that focus on the increasing peer pressure that young men face. Although Tyler makes some poor choices in the end he tries to turn his life around and fix his life.

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Kassidy | 24 comments Wintergirls by Laurie halse Anderson is a book about Lia an 18 year old girl with a terrible secret. Lia is currently mourning the loss of one of one of her best friends Cassie. The two have been friends for many years. Cassie and Lia had many things in common including their eating disorders. They were constantly competing to see who could be the thinnest. This book follows Lia's struggles after Cassie's death and the guilt that she feels. Lia continues to battle her eating disorder and even tries to commit suicide. This book follows her internal struggle with her body, herself, and her lack of control.
This book was hard to read, because of the pain that you felt for Lia. I think it would be a good book for young women, to help them see what battles others face with their body image. It is emotional and stimulating to see the struggles that Lia goes through throughout the book.

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