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message 1: by Seraph (new)

Seraph A large, spacious courtyard set outside of the palace gates.
Beheading are often held here, as well. There are seats around the edge to view the beheading, and there's a tiled heart in the centre, framing the chopping block.
If you ever get called up to that block? Bow low. Bow really low, or just go wild because you haven't got much time left.

message 2: by คгเค (new)

คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Castra darted towards the exit and was just about to go through the gate when she was grabbed by a card. "OH! Come on!! Are you SERIOUS!" she yelled, struggling against the guard's grip.
"You're coming with me you little trouble maker!" the card said gruffly, dragging Castra back towards the Palace.
"I hate my life!" Castra said, finally letting him take her.

message 3: by คгเค (new)

คгเค  (fanfiction-green) ((Yah!))

message 4: by Jordan (new)

Jordan | 29 comments John groaned "and thats what you get for throwing a knife at a card"

message 5: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer Jinx ran through the palace courtyard laughing half-demonically, half-blissfully. She loved coming here to do cartwheels, somersaults, and any other gymnastically things she could bend into. She rolled on the ground, entertaining herself with putting the grass to flame.
"Now you're on fire! Now you're not! You are now! No I'm not! Woohooloo!" She chuckled, rolling up onto her head then her hands and walked around with feet in the air.

message 6: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer Feeling the need to cause some mischief somewhere, Jinx backflipped out of the courtyard, heading towards the town.

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