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The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Name: Cal Trask
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Grade: 11th
Apperance: http://blog.syracuse.com/orangefootball/...

Personality: He is a jerk to people because that is what they expect from a jock. He does have a soft side though.

History: Cal has lived in the same town and same house all his life. His parents are rich and spoil him. He is very popular because he is a good athlete. He is smarter than people think because he is too caught up in being social to care about grades. He is failing English and needs to have an english tutor to stay on the team. It can be anyone from the Honors English class, but most of those students hate him. He is dating someone but doesn't really like her. She is just who he is supposed to date.

Class schedule:(optional for the people who like to have details characters): English, Earth Science, Wood shop, Spanish, World History

Crush: Currently dating a cheerleader, Jessica

Special talents(if any): He secretly takes ballet lessons to help with his flexibility for football

Other: His parents may be rich, but that doesn't help them be parents. He is often alone in his house for weeks while his parents vacation.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) ^^^ sexiest loner/nerd girl ever haha

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) This is probably an old RP idea, but I just thought it might be fun to do one where the characters wake up in a bed together after they both had too much to drink.

The Hangoever...RP style.

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