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Just a plain old hallway.

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Cara walked thru the halls with grace and ease. Until she ran into a highly hot guy. "Oh. sorry."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash was sitting on the hallway floor, playing with a couple pieces of junk

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She looked at him, then tried to continue walking, but tripped over him, falling right next to him. "oh my gosh. I'm so sorry!"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash looked at her, "Oh, hey, it's alright." He said, fingers still moving

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"are you sure? First I ran into you, then I tripped over you. I'm not usually this clutzy."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash shrugged, "You didn't break anything, so I happy."

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Cara chuckled. "Alright then. My name's Cara. You are?"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) "Nash." He said, grinning and holding out his hand

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She grabbed the hand and shok it. "It's nice to meet you Nash. So, who's kid are you? I'm Minerva's."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) "Vulcan's." Nash said, nodding. "So is it nice being smart and all?" he asked, grinning

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She smiled and chuckled gently. "Yah, I guess you could say that. Why? You're not smart?"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash laughed, "I never said that, it's just you guys are like...genius material."

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She looked at him. "I guess so. But sometimes we make clutzy mistakes." She smiled and laughed, replaying the previous scene in her mind.

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) "Yeah, well, nobody's perfect." He laughed, reaching in his pocket and taking out some spare parts

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She chuckled and looked at his hands. "Whatcha doing there?"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash shrugged, glancing down, "No idea."

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She snorted. "Oh. Right. Vulcan. I get it. But still, no idea?"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash shrugged, "I don't usually think."

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She shook her head. "You're weird. But cool weird."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) he grinned lopsidedly. "You too."

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"Thanks. I guess. So, what are you doing here?"

((You're making this hard!))

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) ((my bad, lawl))

Nash shrugged, "I was pretty much hiding...but I mean, apart from that I guess I was just in the way of your walking."

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((It's ok. I'm trying ot get them somewhere...))

"Well, I'm glad you were 'hiding' there."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) He laughed, "Yeah. I should probably keep moving. I don't really want to be caught."

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"Oh. right."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash ducked around a corner, "So are you knew here? I don't think I've met you before."

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Raven (crystalofunivalia) | 3 comments Kai walked around, as always she returned from her father's lecture about grades and school.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Elynn walked through the hall, bored.

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Xandy wrote: "Nash ducked around a corner, "So are you knew here? I don't think I've met you before.""

"Yeah. New enough. I've been here a day or two. I just stayed back yesterday. Ya know, unpacking." She looked around. "What are you gonna get caught for??"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) He grinned, "Well...I kinda set a chair on fire..but, hey, it wasn't my fault really."

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Her eyes windened in bewilderment. "Jeez!"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash raised up his hands, "It wasn't me!"

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She smiled. "Then why are you hiding from whoever?"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash ducked his head, "Because it was me."

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She laughed. "What?! You're confusing!"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash threw back his head and laughed, "alright, it was me, but she has no proof."

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She chuckled and shook her head. "Then deny everything."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash nodded, "That's what I'm doing."

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"Good choice. Almost always works." She laughed a bit and looked at him still shaking her head. "And how did you manage to do that?"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash grinned slyly, "I have my talents"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) ((uh.....I did))

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((Sorry! My computer never tells me.))

"Ok. I find it smartest not to questionyou."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) ((hahaha its all good!))

He laughed, "That's probably a good idea"

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((Cool. Sorry! My friend had to come over cuz her mom was getting stitches so I was gone. :())

"Right." She winked at him."So. Where are you from?"

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) "Detroit." He said, "What about you?" ((haha, detroit what?))

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((Wait. Wha?? I made a peanut butter ball, kinda like a cheese ball, and dipped apple slices in it and it TOTALLY ROCKED!))

"Oh." Her history was a touchy subject. But she wasn't gonna let it get in te way. "I'm from State College, Pennsylvania. Ya know, home of the Penn State Nittany Lions."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) ((hehehehe lawl, that's great!))

He grinned, "That's cool. Is it nice there?"

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((It is SO good! Except I tried it before I put the peanut butter chips on. We'l see how it tastes then. MWUHAHA!))

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. Burning hot summers, freezing cold winters. And a little bit of both in between. I heard about a riot because Joe Paterno got fired outside his house." She sighed. "This is like the biggest thing that's EVER happened around there."

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Nash nodded, "wow"

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