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Déjà vu (Spoilers!)

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Okay I finished this book last night, and though oh this is a good book! As i was thinking about it before i went to sleep, I had a strange sense of Déjà vu. I couldn't figure out why for a long time, and then it hit me, the end was EXACTLY like the end of Lauren Oliver's "Delirium". From Leon sacrificing himself to save Gaia (like Alex for Lena), to Gaia running into the WOODS to a lost community (just like Lena). Both of their loves were forbidden, and we don't know what happened to either of the male leads at the end of the book ... are they dead for sure???

Did anyone else notice this or am i crazy??

Lisa Oh wow! Now that you mention it they are a lot alike in the ending but Delirium was written after Birthmarked? Maybe the authors just think a lot alike.

Kasey I noticed that as well, i finished the book, sat there for a second wondering why the ending was annoying me more than usual, and then realised it was because id already been disappointed by the SAME ending in Delirium!
I still loved both books though :)

Paleyellowstar Actually, I was reminded of Lois Lowry's The Giver, where Jonas heads off to another community that may or may not exist with his adopted baby brother Gabriel. And Lowry's book came first, so technically they are all copying her. :)

Haven't gotten my hands on Delirium yet but it is on my list.

Leela Yeah I thought it was like deliriums ending also. Love both books.

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Cat To be honest I'm really tired of the whole
guy sacrifices himself so main character/forbidden love can get away. Then you always have to wait for the sequel to come out and sometimes the guy isn't even dead!

Allisa White I like the guy sacrifices, it's a new ending, and it's a lot better than the awful love angst in a lot of sequels in the YA romance novels.

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