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Ed Smiley | 871 comments Rijksmuseum installs innovative LED lights that bring out the best of "Night Watch" By: Toby Sterling, Associated Press

"AMSTERDAM (AP).- Rembrandt's "Night Watch" may need a different nickname after the painting was put under new lighting on Wednesday that makes it look like a day scene.

The change at the national Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is startling, as characters once barely visible or relegated to the background now stand out in vivid color..."

A security guard stands next to Rembrandt's "Night Watch" painting, illumintaed by newly installed LED lights in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The "Night Watch" may need a different nickname after the painting has been put under new lighting that makes it look like a day scene. AP Photo/Peter Dejong.


I am sure that I would like this change since I was last at the Rijksmuseum. But I wonder, what kind of expectation or intent did the artist have about how their paintings would be lit? Night time versus daytime? We so think of the paintings as static eternal objects we sometimes forget the environment and the audience and they way they interact with them, the chemical and physical changes they undergo, and our expectations change through time.

message 2: by Ed (last edited Oct 28, 2011 12:25PM) (new)

Ed Smiley | 871 comments "During the large-scale rebuilding of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam till 2013, the finest works from the 17th century in the Rijksmuseum will continue to be on view under the title 'The Masterpieces'."

Click for interactive presentation:

Warning: this is a huge time sink! :)

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