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Kassidy | 24 comments I'm still here in the bathtub by Alan Katz is a silly and fun book of poetry. The poems are a paradox of popular childrens songs. Children will love being able to sing these silly poems to tunes that they are familiar with.

I love this book because it will help students increase their fluency and comprehnsion. Poetry and singing are effortless for most kids and the fluidity helps improve thri fluency!

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Kassidy | 24 comments My school is a zoo by Steve Smith is a story about a young boy who wakes up to find out that everyone at his school from his busdriver to the principal has turned into an animal! It is a creative and fun book for young readers, that emotes giggling and fun on every page.
I love this book for young readers because it helps increase fluency in a fun and silly manner. Students will not even realize that the fluidity of the poetry is helping them to become better readers!The pictures are very cute and fun and this is a great readloud or read together book.

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