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message 1: by Foy (new)

Foy (foy_scalf) | 3 comments Rogue States by Noam Chomsky is listed as 150 pages. The paperback copy I am currently reading with a copyright of 2000 and ISBN of 0-98608-611-9 has 252 pages.

message 2: by Iluzija (new)

Iluzija O. Istini | 241 comments South end press' page says:

Rogue States
The Rule of Force in World Affairs
Noam Chomsky
Pages: 254
ISBN: 0-89608-611-9
Format: paper
Release Date: 2000-01-01

I will edit it by that.

message 3: by Iluzija (new)

Iluzija O. Istini | 241 comments Your ISBN is typo or you read it wrong, check it under the code seller scans at the store.

message 4: by Foy (new)

Foy (foy_scalf) | 3 comments Yes, I see a typo in the body of my message, but the correct ISBN (matching that in the copy of the book I have) is in the subject line: 0-89608-611-9 (paper).


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