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K K Oct 26, 2011 08:46PM
So as i started to read the Blue Bloods book i realised that the plot was nearly the same...what do you think???

You know what? That's exacly what I thought.
I mean, while reading the Blue Bloods, I couldn't help but feel Schuyler and Oliver sounded just like Clary and Simon.

Anyway, after the first book it gets kind of different.
The whole settlement of the series is different, you'll see. And the next novels are even better that the first one. ;D

Oliver has to give blood, while Simon turns into a vampire. Schuyler/clary's mothers are in a comma, and both by their own choice. Jack/ jace (wow, their names are so similar!) Are blonde and beautiful. And both has a forbidden relationship with the main characters. If Isabelle was secretly engaged to jace, I would personally burn all of the tmi books. (I would be heartbroken of course, but how can it be so coincidental?!) Isabelle is Mimi. Tough girls that are beautiful and has bad tempers. Luke is a reincarnation of lupin from harry potter, but I'm pretty happy about that part. Both main girls are small and cute, also with a uber special ability. Simon/Oliver are their best friends that are secretly in love with them for years. The whole angel theme thing going on... the clave is the committee. IT TAKES PLACE IN NY. Valentine's last name is morgenstern which also means morning star.... I kinda forgot what that means but, morning star is the bad guy from BB, I think. Bliss is daughter of Lucifer and she also has red hair (character mash up anyone?)

But despite all that, I still love both series. (Currently up to date with all BB books and reading the 3rd tmi book) there may be a lot of similarities but what both series focuses on is very different from one another. And yeah, there are times when I want to fling the books into the wall and use it for firewood, but if you like 1 of the series, you're gonna love the other as well :-)

what is mortal instrument?

Sarayah Since they are so similar would you reccomend I read them then? And is the series complete? I hate waiting for the next book to be released in a serie ...more
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Allison I really liked them. The first 3 are really good she is still writing additional books. So the 5th one comes out in may and she is suppose to be writi ...more
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i <3 this series but i think KEYS TO THE REPOSITORY was a waste of time. But i think i can skip BLOODY VALENTINE because i heard that's a waste of time. All that's in it is the bonding for Sky & Jack, i wanted to read it but i don't have it right now. So if you can write me telling me what i should do, that would be a big help thanks.

yeah in the beginning i was like clary? But after that their complete different books except the base is the same. Young girl finds out who she really is ancient secrets revealed mysterious boy who she begins to fall in love with poor best friend left behind best friend is in love with her but she'll never love him back the right way yadaa yadaa yada book always ends with reader saying oh whats going to happen to them!

I don't think that they are similar. Yes, they both mention angels but the plot is completely different. I enjoyed Blue Bloods up until a certain point and it was more entertaining than TMI, however, when Melissa started to publish filler books that deviated from the main plot I got annoyed and dumped the series.

their still great books and only the beginning really bothered me

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