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(about what she said about me saying stuff about your brother, please don't believe it. I haven't said anything about him :/ )

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*Next Day*

Brandon got up and headed to work

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He had a short day so he was home by noon. When he got home, he watched Troy play

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"Thanks." he told her when she made lunch. Brandon ate what she made with them.

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Brandon pushed Troy on the swing as Troy told him about his day. H smiled as he listened to him.

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He pushed Troy higher as Troy laughed. Brandon smiled and kept pushing him

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After a while Brandon went to get Troy a drink as he swung

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"You alright?" he asked as he handed her a drink

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"Okay." he said and gave Troy his drink

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"Hello?" Amber asked

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"Hey, Jaime. Do you want me to pick you up?" she asked her

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"What'd you do?!?" she asked as she headed out to get Jaime. When she got there she honked and waited for her to come out

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"Okay." she said and hung up

(gtg bye)

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(wow, your parents suck! Please don't cut. It's not good for your body and I'm sure it hurts really bad because one time I cut my wrist with my razor and it stung really bad, but cutting must be really worse. So please don't do it ): )

Amber started driving, "So what's so bad that you didn't want Brandon to know about?"

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(yeah, but if a razor hurts then a knife sure as hell doesn't feel good :/)

"You cheated? Accidentally broke his favorite thing? What?"

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(:/ no cutting please)

(he's like 18 or 19)

"What's wrong then?" she asked her

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"Hes a freaking pedo, Jaime!!! Why would you do him?!?"

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"And neither of you could wait another year?!"

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"He has officially turned you into a sex addict." she laughed an parked in her garage

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"Then your on the verge." she smiled

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Amber got out, "So why do you not wan to talk about this in front of Brandon?"

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"He's gonna find out about it sooner or later. Why do you think he'll worry?"

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She put her arms around her, "I'm sure well think of something."

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"Then i don't know. I guess it depends."

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"You can always get a abortion without tellin him. He doesn't have to know."

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"I was just saying. Here's the options. Keep the baby, Brandon goes to jail. Get an abortion, pretend you never had another."

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"Then you both can have a secret child. Then when your 18, you can tell everyone you had a baby."

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"Jaime, I don't see how this will work without him getting thrown in the slammer."

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She hugged her, "I'm sorry, Jaime."

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She rubbed her back, "It's okay."

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Amber sat on the couch and held her close

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She patted her back, "It's okay." she said softly

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She let her

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Amber kissed her cheek, "A little better?"

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"Wanna go back and tell him?" she asked

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She stood up and they went back

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They got to their house and went inside

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They were playing with Troy's toy cars

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He looked up at her, "Sure, babe." he got up an they went to the living room

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He raised and eyebrow, "What is it?" he asked. Brandon was kinda guessin that the cops were going to barge into the house and take him away

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"Okay, babe." his head was spinning, but he kissed her softly to cover it

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"Why would I be mad?" he asked her gently

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"I know, babe. I know." he said softly

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Brandon hugged her back tighter. "I love you."

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(bleh -.- lol earlier today I was petting my dog and it gave him a boner xD)

He kissed her forehead and held her closer- if it was even possible. "No matter what happens?" he asked

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(haha I guess so :P

He kissed her back and put his head on her shoulder. "Thanks." he said and held onto her

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He closed his eyes softly and moved his head closer

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(x( that sucks!! Keep it clean woman!!)

He kissed her neck and sighed

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(oh my gosh!! Same with my little sister! Don't you just hate it?! And then when you tell them to clean it up they start whining and it's like STFU!)

He kissed her cheek

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