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What if Carrie had survived?
Ternessa Ternessa Oct 25, 2011 02:58PM
I've been thinking about the movie and book versions of Carrie all month long and I was wondering what her life would be like if she had survived. I know there was supposed to be a T.V. version of her living through the whole ordeal, but that never really took off at all. I think that if she survived, she would try to create a new identity for herself and learn how to control her abilities better. Who knows? Maybe she would even start a family and keep them in the dark about her powers if she learned how to better control them.

All I want to say is that to that question. . . there was a remake. If any of you guys see this supposedly "made for tv movie" you should. I think it follows the book 90 percent better than the first film by Depalma. And it would have been a tv series (hope I didn't give anything away.)

:D I hope more people rent it or buy it to see it.

It's sad how the book is such a huge (and effective) mark on how even when someone is so emotionally tortured, people can only do so much. Then the person would find a drastic sick way to take revenge because they don't know how to deal with their feelings. . . and they get blamed for being bad. As the book states people didn't see the situation. . . they, to people, deserve to "go to hell." That is not a way to see it.

:( It is a tragic tale (both book and film) and one that must be read or seen. . .

Ternessa I have seen the remake. It doesn't come on T.V. very often but I've never really cared for it anyway. I'm a fan of the original Carrie film. My main i ...more
Mar 14, 2012 11:01AM

I think she would do great running a moving company. She'd have to have control with breakables...but she could really clean up with heavy objects.

she would have moved to Chicago and go into politics

If she survived she would probably have joined the X men

It wouldn't happen..but assuming it did I would say she would definitely leave town. Probably go crazy. Have her mom come back to life in her imagination (Norman Bates style) and eventually be killed or commit suicide.

I don’t really like to think about the fact. I find it quite… depressing. I suppose the book in itself is rather depressing and Carrie is the most depressive character in it – well that’s my opinion and nobody’s going to take it from me. Howsoever, thinking about the possibility of Carrie’s surviving… it’s creepy. I don’t find it interesting, but more like tremendously sick. I can’t imagine another ending than this. It is the best for her and for everybody else. The sequel would’ve been a failure, I believe.

I really would have liked to see sequel to the book with Carrie later in life and flashbacks of the whole how.

But she did :P

The blood bath at the prom and Margaret White's kill attempt where such traumatic events that Carrie was determined to die.

If she somehow would have managed to survive she just ended being a psychotic serial killer like Michael Myers or something.

I think her emotional and psychological wounds where beyond healing.

I think, from a literary/dramatic point of view, there is no way she could have survived. She is a classic tragic figure, and that's always a death sentence. Imagining what would have happened if she had survived is tantamount to imagining what would have happened if Ophelia had survived in Hamlet or, as a better example, if Carton had survived in Tale of Two Cities. It just wouldn't work right as a story.

The main point is seeing things through Carrie´s eyes. She felt alone so alone, despised, unloved, stupid, empty, misunderstood, small, afraid and ugly; and just seen as a thing without feelings or dignity, the problem of all this is that people did all those horrible things because that made them feel pleasure and power, is true that there are people that thinks that stepping on others is the way to gain power. And the other side was that Carrie was too traumatized thanks to her despicable religious sick mother to defend herself or even believe that she was a person who deserved to be treated with love, because according to her mother she was a dirty female seed of the devil and she grew up believing that.
So.... If she had survived she needed someone to really love her, without ANY kind of religion that's all, and I do believe she would have had the courage to be happy with herself.

I think she would have turned murderous. You can see how she's finally had enough of the bullying at the prom. The fact that she even killed those who saw her for the misunderstood girl she was makes me think that anyone who crosses her the wrong way from now on would have to pay for it.

CJ Scurria I hope I don't give a story spoiler away. . . but if you want to see the tv movie remake. It does not turn out "murderous" at the very end for Carrie. ...more
Mar 13, 2012 01:59PM

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