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message 1: by Christina (last edited Oct 23, 2008 10:23AM) (new)

Christina | 72 comments okay this is robert pattinson singing broke/i was broken
his voice is not what you expect, give it a chance and listen to it all, personally i love his voice it's different, i think robert pattinson can do no wrong! :)

full song:


message 2: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments Okay... I am listening... waiting... waiting... HOW LONG IS THE INTRO!? WHOA! He sounds... unique! Very interesting! COOL!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

i dont like sounds like country music

message 4: by Court (new)

Court It does sound country!!

OMG I HATE IT!!! He sounds really horrible!!

message 5: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments I have to admit it... HORRIBLE! unique, and cool, but dang HE SUCKS AT SINGING!

message 6: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments I was SOO shocked!! I told my friend... she was soo mad! She won't believe it until she hears it!!

message 7: by Jamie (new)

Jamie He sounds like Eddie Vedder to me. He'd sound a lot better if he'd enunciate, since the tone of his voice is unique - I just can never figure out what he's saying!

message 8: by Christina (new)

Christina | 72 comments yeah i agree with jamie he does sound like eddie vedder
i love rob and his voice :)

message 9: by Christina♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 279 comments I think it sounds good in it's own weird way! :)

message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (Bookworm Lisa) (letsread) I was a little disappointed. He sounds as if he is mumbling. I think his voice could grow on me, but I would like to understand the words.

message 11: by Christina♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 279 comments lol Caroline!!! :D okay yeah but i think in a ways its hard to understand him cuz of his idk!!

im a loser too lol :) its okay. :) u r not alone!

message 12: by nina (new)

nina (ladeeda) HAHAHAHHAH! OMG. I just heard that for the first time.
It is SO bad it's laughable. I don't even BELIEVE that is Robert Pattinson singing in that first youtube link. That's a completley american, country accent. AND ITS HORRIBLE!!!!
HAHAHAHHA. For all the people saying they love it. Please. You may 'love' Robert Pattinson, but you cannot honestly like that. It's horrendous.

message 13: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments I agree. Rob is so awesome and cute but his singing is like... I'm not going to say.

message 14: by Christina (new)

Christina | 72 comments i agree with caroline
me and my bestfriend love rob's voice, it is rob singing, that's him singing last december
his voice is very different sounds a lot like eddie vedder, when i first heard it i thought it was a bit weird but it grew on me too, i love that song, i really like his voice, i've downloaded all his songs already and i like him

message 15: by Christina (last edited Nov 16, 2008 03:02PM) (new)

Christina | 72 comments haha i like adam sandler too

what about jimmy fallon?? i love him on snl when he would sing on 'weekend update'

message 16: by Christina (new)

Christina | 72 comments yeah i loved how jimmy would impersonate many artists :)

omg i know! has a lot of snl videos, i wish youtube did

message 17: by Gjela (new)

Gjela (theeternalsea) | 60 comments Spunk Ransom, your singing reminds me of your incredible ability to nickname yourself.

that wasn't very clear.
but what i meant was,
it sorta made me puke a tiny bit.

message 18: by Lynny (new)

Lynny (lynnyo4) ok listening... WHOA!!! DUDE!! I KNEW HE WAS IN A BAND BUT MAN.........weird. his voice is actually quite good. here is better quality:

message 19: by Lynny (new)

Lynny (lynnyo4) wow.

message 20: by Lynny (new)

Lynny (lynnyo4) mhmmm

message 21: by Gjela (new)

Gjela (theeternalsea) | 60 comments His singing sounds like someone attempting to forcefeed a slice of pumpkin pie to a drowning cat.
The cat is wearing a cowboy hat, or maybe a sombrero, depending on what kind of mood its in.

message 22: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments Have you seen the Thanksgiving song Caroline? By Adam Sandler?

message 23: by Andra (new)

Andra | 2 comments I totally love his voice. It's unique. lol I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that it was him singing. He's got an amazing voice.

message 24: by Gjela (new)

Gjela (theeternalsea) | 60 comments ARG, I listened to his one song (something about a dog, being lost and drunk or something? Hey, I can't tell what hes saying) so many times, and now its grown on me. )=

message 25: by Gjela (new)

Gjela (theeternalsea) | 60 comments For obvious reasons I have no idea. It was on Youtube, called "whisky-a-go-go" or something.
lols I'm actually not kidding he was singing somewhere called "whisky-something-or-other"

message 26: by I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa*, and Twilight! (new)

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (i_love_jacob_black_95) | 3164 comments OMG LOLZ!

message 27: by Christina♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 279 comments lol I think it's good...but not my fave lol...the beginning sounds like a dead car motor trying to start...but then it gets good lol :D

message 28: by Christina (new)

Christina | 72 comments ahh!! let me sign is amazing!!!!! i love that part in the movie, i love when they're laying down and snow is falling on them :)

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)






message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

I love him singing "let me sign" and "i'll be your lover too" oh and of course never think. The others I don't care for.

message 31: by Christina (new)

Christina | 72 comments hahaha so true! caroline

i love his voice :)
all his songs are great but my favorite is
"I Was Broken", so amazing!

message 32: by Christina♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 279 comments I like his voice too the more I listen to it lol but I thought the meadow was made me laugh...idk y though lol :P

message 33: by Christina♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 279 comments it was screwed up lol!!! I hated it in the movie! Favorite part in the book lol :P

message 34: by Faith (new)

Faith | 84 comments Caroline Pattinson wrote: "lol, my fav part in the book? hmm...idk if i have one....OH!! got it!! lol, its in Eclipse where Bella is being help "captive" and Edward wakes her up and they talk and stuff, lol, and they end up ..."

Thats totally my favourite part! I was just reading that part yesterday (3rd time and still loving it) and i still get the butterflies. When he rolls her over and she gets th wrong idea it totally cracks me up. Plus when Bella punches Jacob and you have the whole Charlie/Edward/Jacob scene when Charlie says something like "Maybe you ought to take off now Jake?" Jacob "No i'll think i'll stay here, if thats ok?" Charlie "You're funeral". BRILLIANT!

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

ummmm he kinda sucksssss......but his hawttness makes up for it!!:))))

message 36: by Christina♥ (new)

Christina♥  | 279 comments Eclipse is my fave too! :D well besides Twilight!

Caroline!!! I seriously love that part u said too! *sigh* sooo romantic!

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

rob....he sucks at singing haha but is hawtttttt!!!!!!!

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

haha i thought he was bad..but not evey one can be perfect!!!

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

haha too bad...he was one step away from prefection☺☺☺

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

haha yesssss!!!!! haha but im still in love with orlando bloom! haha im in love with alot of people!

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

haha i have a huge poster of him in my room! haha i loveeee it!

message 42: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Hah! I remember that too! I was so obsessed!

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

haha i love hot movie actors! even if they are too old for me i can still stare at them☺

message 44: by Jerry (new)

Jerry | 2 comments .... its ok

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

ehhhhh.....noooooo orlando is delicioussss

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

haha niceeee.....haha dont kill me for saying this(some people think im crazy) but i think daniel radcliffe is hawt!!!!!! ahhahahhahahhah yesssss harry potter

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

oh and milo ventimagalia!!!!!!! wow talk about hot!!!

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

haha every one is like what the heck is wrong with your taste in guys?!?!?!?! and im lik pshhhhh whats wrong with your taste of guys! hahah ohhhh burnn

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

oh haha yea well some of my friends think orlando bloom is ugly and im like what the heck how can he be ugly! he is like the most beautiful guy on earth!!!

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

haha no ive never heard of it! but i love heath ledger...he was so hot! omg when he won best supporting actor at the oscars i bawled!!!! it was terrible

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