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Crazy Family

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message 1: by Gabperrotta (new)

Gabperrotta | 1 comments The little girl's parents do not even care what she does. They allowed their newborn to ride in the back of a moving truck with their youngest daughter holding her for hours.

message 2: by Philmcm10 (new)

Philmcm10 | 4 comments Yea who would do that?

message 3: by B.west036 (new)

B.west036 | 1 comments I agree with you and the dad threw the cat out the window of the car.

message 4: by Joe (last edited Oct 22, 2008 10:55AM) (new)

Joe Rockwell | 1 comments I agree with you. I think that letting their three old daughter cook hot dogs was kind of crazy too.

message 5: by Sean (new)

Sean The family is nuts. They let their daughter cook hot dogs at 3 years old and catch on fire and then let her cook again the day after. They are really crazy the way they are always on the move whether it is because they have to pay somebody or if they just want to leave. The dad is a little intense with everything he does. He is always coming up with like weird theories for something or another.

message 6: by Mike (new)

Mike Corsi | 1 comments No, they do not care about anything she does. All they really seem to care about is pushing their twisted values upon their children. They didn't even care when their child burned herself making hot dogs at 4 years of age.

message 7: by Viet (new)

Viet Nguyen | 3 comments I think that having a family like this just might be fun becuase it is not a regular family. Also the children learn things other adult don't even know like binary code.

message 8: by Philmcm10 (new)

Philmcm10 | 4 comments How does a parent not know that their child has fallen out of the back of their car.Also, who would let a three year old cook hotdogs again after she already set herself on fire.

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