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message 1: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Yep, if you know me in the Art Club, then I have almost the same title there, accept this time I don't have hearts.

I don't have time to yet, but I'll upload all of my art later.

message 2: by Lauren (new)

Some of my recent art:

Water droplets with added bokeh texture.
Effie's favorite saying from The Hunger Games.

The Key to my Heart.

Peek a Boo.

Earth's Teardrops.

Water Droplets.


Tinkerbell in the Tree.

I'm Sorry...

I'll Take My Chances...

The Long Road Back...

King of the Sea.

Stories behind these pictures...
The first picture was taken in my backyard, right after the clouds let loose their bundles of heavenly rain. It was soaking wet everywhere, but the plants loved it, of course. I was outside for hours taking all the plant pictures I could with closeups of water droplets. When I got inside, I've seen people put bokeh texture on this type of stuff, so I wanted to try it. This was my first bokeh texture added picture I've ever done.

I've also seen a lot of people do close ups of neat sayings, or sentences from books. I chose to do The Hunger Games, because it's one of my favorite series. I thought that Effie Trinket's saying was perfect for this, so here it is.

"The Key to my Heart" I just thought up, mostly because my sister just game me that necklace, and the sun was perfect. I just thought it was really lovely when I put it on the tree and the sun was perfectly shining on the little gems and things on it.

Last Sunday, I was crawling around our kitchen following my kitten Tinkerbell. My camera was around my neck, so naturally, I clicked over 100 pictures of just Tink. This was a lucky shot. I framed this, and it's now sitting on my cubby. ♥

"Earths Teardrops" and "Water Droplets" are both my favorite pictures I've taken out of the rainy set of pictures I took. I love the close up on them, and I'm glad I had a macro setting on my camera.

That's just me, with my camera, messing around, lol.

My little kitten, Tinkerbell just loves to climb anything, whether it's your leg, my bed covers, her scratching post, or a very tall tree. I snapped this pictures right as she was climbing, and after that she soon got to the top. She's very smart, but instead of coming down bottom first, she came down head first. Luckily she didn't fall or anything.

"I'm Sorry..." is a photo manipulation I did using two different fire and water brushes, as well as two precut horses. This was for a contest, but I didn't win. It's basically a fire and ice horse that can't be together, or they will destroy each other.

"I'll Take My Chances..." is just something I was trying out on photoshop. That was my first manipulation with a pegasus.

"The Long Road Back" is just a little something that I did for Fall. It's not that good, but I like it.

Last, but not least. "King of the Sea." This was my second manipulation, and one of my favorites. It's a bit dark, but I really like it.

Thank you for viewing some of my most recent art. I hope you come back to my topic soon to see what else I'll post. I still have lots more to post, so stay tuned!

message 3: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Flame,
You did ALL of these?! YOUE AMAZING!! :)

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Yes, I did. Thank you! It means a lot :D

message 5: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith No, I mean your vrey vrey good. If you lived in Fl I think we would be vrey good friends.

message 6: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Do you always keep your camera eith you? Just around you neck all the time?

message 7: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Yes, I know what you mean.
Sometimes I do, but it's actually put away most of the time. On some days, when I'm bored or it's rained, or I find something interesting, then I'll take it out and then just take pictures outside for a few hours, then when I put them on my computer I scan through them and pick out the best ones while deleting the blurry or the ones I don't like.

message 8: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Yeah. I dont have that good of a camera. I am hopefully going to buy a new one, my in kinda oldish.

message 9: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Mine is kinda old, too. I have a big black one, the one that's in the picture of me above. And then I own a small silver digital camera. I use either, depending on what I want on the settings.

message 10: by Lauren (new)


This is a WIP (work in progress) sketch of Amy Lee. The singer in a band called Evanscence. This is a commission for my friend on dA.

If you have a dA, and you like my art, please commission me! They're cheap prices! Price List.

message 11: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith I LOVE EVANSCENCE!!!!!!!!! Abd wow, thats good,

message 12: by Lauren (new)

Lauren I know! Me too! Thanks, Faith :)

message 13: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Your vrey welcome. You desever it you vrey good. Sorry I keep saying it, I just love your arrt.

message 14: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Thanks again, I appreciate it! I've been practicing a lot on my realism with human drawings.

message 15: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Thats cool, I like to draw but as you havee seen I am better a photagraphy. If you want to see some drawing I can post some though.

message 16: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Okay. I would love to see some.

message 17: by karebear (new)

karebear (RedChocolate) | 71 comments Wow. Amazing! What camera do you use for your photographs?

message 18: by Mal (new)

Mal (Malxox) I love it, Flame that's awesome!

message 19: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Thanks, guys! Kara, I use a Finepix S1500. <- That's sorta like the one I have, I think it might be a different model of it though.... I'm not exactly sure, because my dad gave me this one.

message 20: by Lauren (new)


Here's your request, Faith. Finally finished. -.- It looks kinda crappy though...sorry about that. I couldn't get the sunset thingy to look right.

message 21: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith NO,No! It look really well AMAZIING! I love it. I will work on the logo after i get off GR okay?

message 22: by Lauren (last edited Oct 19, 2011 04:37PM) (new)

Lauren Thanks! I'm so glad you like it. Whew. This is my first real "sunset" painting...That's fine with me, about the logo.

message 23: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith I really do LOVE IT! I showed my mom and her mouth went: :O she was also really impressed. :) Thanks SOOOO much!

message 24: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Haha, thank you! I'm glad your mom liked it, too :)

message 25: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith I know right? lol :) Well I gotta go do HW Be right back, cheeck the chat!

message 26: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Okee! Will you check out the contest I posted in the contest folder? See if you would like to do it :)

message 27: by karebear (new)

karebear (RedChocolate) | 71 comments Laurwhisker (Flame) wrote: "Thanks, guys! Kara, I use a Finepix S1500. <- That's sorta like the one I ha..."

Thanks. Maybe I can ask for something like it for one of my birthdays:)

message 28: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Yeah! :)

message 29: by Lauren (last edited Oct 20, 2011 11:25AM) (new)


We went to a show there in FL, and the dolphins were awesome. I just wish they were free. I don't like seeing them trapped in a tank, even though they're taken care of. Nobody knows how they get them though. They trade lots of money to fishermen who capture them, and the rest get slaughtered. Sorry to bring this up right now, but I recently saw a movie on it. I don't want to start any fights, this is just how I feel.

This is our special barred owl that used to live on our country property. He probably is still there. He was always talking with his family in the evening. <3

When we vacationed in Navarre beach Florida, we got the 15th floor condo. It was amazing there. The beach was white sand, and we even saw some jellyfish. The ocean was beautiful.

message 30: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Wow, I love the owl!

message 31: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Thanks! I really have no idea how we got that was a really long time ago.

message 32: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Oh okay......

message 33: by Jia, FAIL JIA. (new)

Jia | 421 comments Mod
The owl seems like it can stare into the inner depth of your soul. O_O

Sunrise (or is it sunset?) is really pretty.

And would that movie be The Cove by any chance?

message 34: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Omg I know, right?

Sunrise :) thanks.

Yes! That's the movie. It's soooo sad... ;___;

message 35: by Lauren (new)

I can see that I haven't posted much of any traditional art, so here it is!

Katniss Everdeen.

(Yes, the nose looks crappy >.>)
Peeta Mellark.

(Okaay...again with the nose.)
Dark Pegasus.

Manga Princess.

Shadowclan Warrior Request.

Princess Jasmine.

Realistic Lips.

Attempt at Selena Gomez.

Taylor Swift.

Horse Request from my Pen Pal.

Random Horse.


Tor Fan Art from the Comic by ToraztheNomad.


message 36: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Those are pretty good!

message 37: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Thank you! I'm working on the Amy Lee WIP right now.

message 38: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith :D

message 39: by Lauren (last edited Oct 24, 2011 03:59PM) (new)

I'm finally finished with the Amy Lee com sketch, so now I just have to color her, which I will probably try to do tomorrow. :)


message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

I really like your Rapunzel drawing. Maybe to make her hair look blond instead of brown (even though you did it in graphite) you could make the hair lines farther apart. It'll look MUCH lighter and more like blond, trust me.

message 41: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Okay, thanks for the tip, Crazy! :D

message 42: by Faith Noelle (new)

 Faith Noelle Smith Cool. Its look good

message 43: by Lauren (new)

Lauren :D thanks

message 44: by Lauren (last edited Oct 24, 2011 03:23PM) (new)

Lauren I'm taking point commissions on dA:

Hey, guys! Just thought that I would update you on my to-do list. Oh! And please please commish me! The prices are really really cheap.
Also! There will be a kiribian at 2 000 page views, so come on and do it. Whoever sends me a screenshot, and is the 2 000 page viewer will receive a free commission.

Prices for commissions

Sketch (no color)
Headshot: 3 points
Full Body: 8 points
Extra character: 5 points

Sketch (colored)
Headshot: 5 points
Full Body: 10 points
Headshot and background: 15 points
Full body plus background: 20 points
Extra character: 10 points

•I will not draw any sexual or nude drawings.
•Any equine sketch will be most accepted, because I am the best at those.
•I can draw humans, but I'm not that good yet.

Amy Lee commission for atw4l on dA (3/4 done)
FL sunset request for Faith.
Finish Hermione WIP
Picture of my kitten.
Study Anatomy
Catch up on FOA HW
Finish art trade with atw4l on dA
Fan art for TMI (The Mortal Instruments)
Fan art for Percy Jackson

message 45: by Lauren (new)


She's finished!

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

She's really cool! Maybe you could make it a bit darker at the side of her face.

message 47: by Shep (new)

Shep Oh I love the bokeh leaf, key, and picture of katniss the best! :)

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

The sunrise to me is really pretty.

message 49: by Shep (new)

Shep Yeah that one is nice too ^^

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)


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