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Did you like the movie North and South more than the book?

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message 1: by Cheryth (new)

Cheryth | 13 comments Yes, April, I know that we haven't finished the book yet! This question is here so that we can answer it when we are finished with the book.

message 2: by April (new)

April | 38 comments Mod
The answer is YES! Even though I haven't finished the book, I adore the movie. However, I really like the book. The movie plays up the DRAMA and the romantic struggle so much-it's hard not to be sucked in by that!!! But of course in the book, you are able to get into the character's minds and understand the story as it was truly written. I love Mr. Thornton even more now that I am reading the book. And Margaret is much more vulnerable and soft in the book-I like her better too. Books and movies...what a lovely combo when done well!

message 3: by Gwenfair (new)

Gwenfair | 14 comments I totally agree with you April!!

message 4: by Gwenfair (new)

Gwenfair | 14 comments I have now finished North and South the book, and I can't decide which I like better! they're both very good and I love them.

message 5: by Gwenfair (new)

Gwenfair | 14 comments Ha ha April, I beat you!!! I finished the book first!You should be extremely annoyed! I am now going to read and see Cranford.

message 6: by Celeste (new)

Celeste | 3 comments Hi, everyone! I was excited to find there was a group of "North & South" lovers. I've read the book and own the movie and love them both. My sisters and I are big Gaskell fans. We own all the BBC Gaskell movies and have enjoyed the books. I was curious to see if the group intends to read more of Elizabeth Gaskell and other authors of the period? I'm always looking for recommendations in classical literature.

message 7: by Gwenfair (new)

Gwenfair | 14 comments I am totally excited about reading more Gaskell, which would you recommend first? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the other books!

message 8: by April (new)

April | 38 comments Mod
Gwen you little goober! It's not my fault I am a librarian and have to read several books at once and can't plow through just one as fast as you! Sigh, oh well. I still have it left to savor ;)

message 9: by April (new)

April | 38 comments Mod
CELESTE! Welcome!! We are very happy to have you as part of the group. I was beginning to wonder if anyone else would ever find us : )

We have all just recently discovered Gaskell-although I did know that she wrote Charlotte Bronte's bio. Have you read that?

So, I have seen Cranford and can't wait to see Wives and Daughters (by the same folks as the 95 version of P&P-wow!) but I would like to read the book first....only it's SO long! Do you think it is worth it?

I imagine you like Austen and Bronte also?

Glad you "meet" you : )

message 10: by Meredith (new)

Meredith April you're so welcoming!! :)

Was Cranford good?? Cousin Meg, really liked it. So I was wondering...

message 11: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Celeste, how many sisters do you have? As you can see, I have 3 sisters on goodreads (Anna, Gwen, and Cheryth.) April, is my absolutely wonderful aunt.

message 12: by Celeste (new)

Celeste | 3 comments Ladies,

Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I've told my sisters, Rikki and Caity, that they need to join the group too. My sister Rikki just finished North & South and Cranford. My sister Caity is the one who introduced us to Elizabeth Gaskell. She's been a Wives and Daughters junkie for years ;)

April, the book is long and apparently Elizabeth Gaskell died right before finishing it so the ending was written by someone else but it's good. I don't want to ruin it for you but I would watch the movie first. I did that with North & South and of course was so hungry for more details about the story that I went out and bought the book straight away. Thanks for the forward about the website. As soon as I get a moment I'm going to check it out.

A little 411 on me> 31 years old; one of 7 siblings (3 girls and 4 boys); freelance graphic designer & event designer (currently in up to my eye balls installing Christmas displays in retail and commercial spaces); lived in New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Georgia, Rhode Island, Texas, and Spain; traveled to Hawaii, Italy and France and am dieing to go to England and Scotland; love classical literature, period films, british comedies and beautiful musical scores from movies...

I hope that wasn't too much of a yawn. April, did you enjoy Gaskell's bio of Charlotte Bronte? I've wanted to read it but have been afraid it might be a bit boring.

Anyway, so glad to meet you all! I'll try to get my sisters to join the group soon.

message 13: by Cheryth (new)

Cheryth | 13 comments Wow, that is quite a list of places to have traveled and/or lived in! I've always wanted to someday, (when I'm grown) have a job which has me live in all sorts of diverse places. I'd love to make my way all over Europe and I'd also love to visit New Zealand and Australia. While I'm dreaming, I think I'd like to travel the world!

message 14: by Cheryth (new)

Cheryth | 13 comments By the way, as Meredith stated Anna, (I don't know if she has joined this group yet) Gwenfair, Meredith and I are sisters. We are part of a wonderful family of ten (six girls four boys). April is our aunt who is young enough that we regard her almost as an older sister. I'm twelve, love reading classic literature, listen music(I like all sorts of music since my siblings subject me to their taste in music until it grows on me) and I love to stay outdoors.

message 15: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 44 comments Is the book just as amazing to read as the series is to watch? Or even better to read?

message 16: by Daisy (last edited Jul 14, 2013 09:56AM) (new)

Daisy It's difficult to say whether I prefer the film or the novel... I really enjoyed both ALOT! I think I am going to devour the novel and film once again in a few weeks with a lovely cup of tea and chocolate. How does that sound ladies? ;)

message 17: by Trudy (new)

Trudy Brasure | 59 comments I'm glad you love both. I do, too! The film brings out certain elements beautifully, giving us a vision if all that suppressed passion and gray scenery.
The book brings out all the emotions in full detail, without it we don't fully understand Margaret or know the depth to which Thornton is in love.
I'd pick book over movie, now though after three plus years. It has more breadth and depth.

message 18: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Trudy wrote: "I'm glad you love both. I do, too! The film brings out certain elements beautifully, giving us a vision if all that suppressed passion and gray scenery.
The book brings out all the emotions in ful..."

I agree Trudy! The film was wonderful but the book gave everything out in perfect detail :)

message 19: by Sumbul (new)

Sumbul | 3 comments I watched the movie (loooved it)and then went and got the book. I must say that I really liked the BBc version better. Here are the reasons; the choice of the actors was superb. The girl so cute and the guy so handsome and manly! The character of both was very composed and proud(more than the book...I thought)..they were so well suited to each other. I also loved the way she was sending him indirect messages that she thought that he was kind and considerate..." I didn't think you capable of that"...There are so many layers to the story! The way she keep her brother's secret no matter what and at the same time she did tell him that "things are not as they appear"...the covering up of scandal she was exposed to all showed his deep love for her.
The final scene is so romantic. I don't know how many times I have watched it...sigh...her nervousness and his watching her so intensely and with such passion. The way she just impulsively kissed his hand...she was so overwhelmed and overjoyed to see him and wanted his forgiveness and love so much. Her coming to him when no one was there to bail him out, even his sister, and then of her making that definite and final decision of just going with him, leaving eveything behind her, and never looking back showed so much love and trust.

message 20: by Sumbul (new)

Sumbul | 3 comments Not to mention the music was wonderful and Higgins was just great! My favourote movie of all time...no question about that.

message 21: by Sumbul (new)

Sumbul | 3 comments I wish to see that kind of integrity and fidelity in women and men today.

message 22: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 44 comments I agree with you wholeheartedly! But I loved the book as well!

message 23: by jyweniverel (new)

jyweniverel (dragonflyfae) | 1 comments I haven't even started the book..(I know, shame on me!!!!)
I just have to reply.
That BBC version of this book is what actually made me want to read the book.
There are some book to movies that just don't set well with me (ex: My Sister's Keeper).
We all know the ultimate answer as to why we LOVE BBC's North and South...RICHARD ARMITAGE!!!!!
Stand aside Mr. Darcy.....Helllooo Mr. Thornton!!!!!
He is also great in The Hobbit. It is truly amazing how they can make someone who is +6ft, look like a -4ft dwarf.
So many books......not enough time

message 24: by Anne (new)

Anne | 5 comments I haven't yet read the book either, but I absolutely love the BBC movie with Richard Armitage!!! So good!! It was actually my first glimpse into Gaskell's world, and now I just need to find the time to start reading her books!

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