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Bias in the media

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Mark_from_parker I'd like to see if someone who either didn't like this book - or someone who dislikes Bernie Goldberg's ideas - without any cursing or sarcasm - could discuss their take on why Bernie is wrong about the rampant (and left-leaning) bias in the media. I've not seen one person do it yet - and I'm willing to bet that no one can ever do it on my terms... let's see.

Copeups Bernie's book was not as much informative as it was confirming. I knew the media were leftists and he absolutely confirmed it. In years past they did a good job hiding their bias but now it's obvious to anyone with an open mind.

Douglas Barrow I almost feel like this book was a turning point in the acknowledgement that the mainstream media is biased toward the left. For a long time they were pretty good at hiding it but with the Obama administration I think its all been confirmed. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC... all mainstream television media are indeed biased. FOX is biased toward the right of course but they're it on that side.

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