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message 1: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Cheney (GlennCheney) | 12 comments "Journey on the Estrada Real: Encounters in the Mountains of Brazil" is now available in Kindle, Nook, and iBooks editions.

You can read a lengthy excerpt in "A Cheney Sampler," which is 99 cents at Kindle and Nook, free at iBooks.

The ePub version of this book includes photos that do not appear in the printed edition.

message 2: by Victor (new)

Victor Eustáquio (veustaquio) | 4 comments Nova antologia de contos em ebook
15 Contos+ Volume II 1a Edição

message 3: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Cheney (GlennCheney) | 12 comments New eBook for iPad, Nook, Kindle, Kobo:

"Ex Cathedra: Stories by Machado de Assis -- Bilingual Edition"

All stories in English and the original Portuguese. A good way to learn a little either language. See excerpts at .

message 4: by Antonio (new)

Antonio (campello) | 1 comments Machado de Assis is probably tough for portuguese beginners..

message 5: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Cheney (GlennCheney) | 12 comments Antonio: Yes indeed! And tough to translate! But with the stories presented in the two languages side by side, a reader can learn a lot without shuffling from book to dictionary.

message 6: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Cheney (GlennCheney) | 12 comments New book: "Quilombo dos Palmares: Brazil's Lost Nation of Fugitive Slaves." In the U.S., see In Brazil, , but not until December 2014.

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