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Alessia Maybe a silly question, but there is something I don't understand: why was Amy special in the first place? what made her special (before she got taken and given the virus)? I am thinking of the zoo sequence when all the animals go crazy and she says "they know who I am" or something like that. At that point she was still a "normal" (sort of) child...or did I miss something? Or is it just something that is never explained?

Susie I just asked someone the same question. She could talk to the animals. Towards the end of the book she spoke with one of the horses. I would love to know what that was all about. Maybe in the next book.

Mary Thanks for that link, Susie!

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I have asked myself that question, too. I guess she is something special (like a fairy of some sort in my definition)and that is also the reason why the virus doesn't fully turn her. I mean, yes, she was torn off that machine too early, but why is it, that she can control the others in some way? She has to be something more than human...

Julie Wait, theres another book? But that is an AWESOME question, I didn't get that at all and thought I was the only one.

Faye Meredith Good question, I'd completely forgotten about that. Apparently it's being made into a movie as we speak, or so I've heard.

Julie Really? A movie? I'll see it, but I'm not TERRIBLY pumped. :/

Faye Meredith I think it'll be cool, but after Stakeland, I'm not sure we need another post-apocolyptic vampire/zombie movie. I guess it all depends on how well it's done. I heard it might be Ridley Scott directing

Julie Hmm, when's it comin' out? Soon? I don't think I'll be able to handle another HOT movie already. Not after Breaking Dawn, then the Hunger Games, and then the Maximum Ride series starts, and sheesh!!!!

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Matt But just imagine how much of the book's plot will be cut out of the movie to fit a two-hour runtime. They'll never be able to fit the whole story in one movie.

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Faye Meredith True. I guess it'll be condensed into a pure action movie. I think it could work well as a movie, as I thought some parts of the book were a little drawn out and probably didn't need to be in there.

Julie Yeah, but so is everything, books, movies. Everything in almost any book/movie could be done in five minutes. But what would be the fun in that?!

Kevin About the OP's question, I wonder too. My guess is that the answer will be of a religious/supernatural/fantasy nature, not science fiction. The Passage is already an unusual(?) mix of science and fantasy. Fantasy elements include: (view spoiler)

I expect some sort of "hand of god" role will become more prominent, and Amy will indeed have been specially chosen long before she was infected.

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Faye Meredith Yeah, that would make sense, but I still don't understand why all the animals went mad, usually that's a bad sign isn't it? Unless they knew something nasty was going to happen to her.

Kevin Yeah, that was kinda weird. I think the only purpose of the scene was to tell us that Amy wasn't just special, she was supernaturally special. Really subtle, huh?

Julie I got how the animals could go crazy, but how did she understand them? She told Lacey that they knew what she was(???). So she WAS something before the infection?

Kevin Yes, that's right.

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My theory is still that she might be some kind of fairy...

What are you talking, a movie? Oh that could be soo fantastic if they do it well.

Julie Yeah, IF they do it right, and IF the author gets involved.

Susie But how did they know to go get her? They were looking for her. They couldn't of known she was abandoned. She was only there for short time and it was like it was on the news. How did they know to get HER.

Julie They knew because the mom killed that one guy and then they found out it was Amy's mom. After that they located where she was, or the mom told, one of two.

Kevin The way I read it, they were monitoring police reports for a likely candidate. The police filed a report of a newly abandoned, orphaned, homeless six-year-old. Perfect for Project NOAH. Wolgast is dispatched.

At first, all they know is that she's a six year old girl named Amy. Later, they figure out who Amy's mother is, which makes Amy an even more appealing candidate (since the mother will be unable to cause trouble).

From the POV of the humans in the story, Amy was chosen by chance. She was abandoned at the moment when the project need a child.

From our POV, Amy was selected as part of a bigger, "divine" plan. Or so the book suggested.

Julie I guess, but what was Amy BEFORE? Or were the animals just GUESSING her fate?

Alessia Exactly, why did the animals react to her like they did? I hope it'll be answered in the next book...

Kevin What is Amy? Why did the animals react to her? What are her special abilities? Why does she have them? Those questions motivate us to buy the next book. :)

Julie I just don't think it'll be mentioned in the next book, but you'll never know...

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Susie wrote: "But how did they know to go get her? They were looking for her. They couldn't of known she was abandoned. She was only there for short time and it was like it was on the news. How did they know to..."

Their Boss knew her location somehow, probably because her mother was on the run from the police. I remember the scene Wolgast gets paged? There it is said, "Memphis, blablah, some number, blahblah". The rest? CIA... they have their methods. ;-)

Well, some friend sent me a link to a few great Cronin interviews on youtube, I am going to look for it and post it if I can find it. There he says that Amy is the girl who saves the world, so I hope, I really do hope, that he will explain a lot more about that in the second and third book. Otherwise I'll have to degrade him and I don't want to do that.

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Kevin Here's what I thought happened. The police are dispatched to a call for an abandoned child, and the event becomes part of the police database. The responding officers file a report (electronically, I imagined). In the world of the book, it's easy for "what's-his-name" to trawl through government computer systems, searching for what he needs. Or for the FBI/CIA/ETC to do it for him. The automated search returns likely matches, including the dispatch & report for Amy. When I read the book, I assumed that's how he knew to send Wolgast.

I don't mind if an author doesn't tell me every detail, as long as I can fill in the gaps with plausible explanations.

Alison Brocklebank The author has not explained why Amy had the ability to communicate telepathically. However, I believe that her ability was seperate from the virus, but maybe made stronger by it. Also Amy was not the only character to have an unexplained ability. Lacy "heard the voice of god" and Auntie seemed to be able to glimpse the future.

Kevin True, very true. Presumably we'll be given answers in the books to come. We'd better. ;)

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Tami Hillman If Amy was supposed to be the saviour of the human race, why did the vampires destroy almost everyone? I didn't really like the transition from the main story to the colony. Or the end. I hope the next book makes more sense.

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Lies Van Rompaey I think Amy is a different kind of human. The result of a genetic mutation perhaps. Peter could be one of those, too. He can talk to Amy telepathically and toward the end of the book there's talk about Peter not yet knowing "what" he is.

As to the military knowing about Amy's whereabouts straight away, I've been wondering about that too, but I can't find a decent explanation.

Lacey never called anyone about Amy and the other sisters didn't know she was a missing child. Perhaps the voice guiding Lacey and Doyle also made sure Amy would end up at the chalet.

Vassi About why they chose Amy- it was written in the book- she was reported by the police, had no other family except her mother, who was a murderer, but was not yet reported to the social child care system. So she could easily disappear- the agents would take her, the nuns never report her and thats it- nobody knows what happens to her. If she was a child- already registered by the social workers, it would be more difficult to take her.
As to what she is- I do not know, I have been wondering the same thing. Maybe she and the animals somehow sensed the future and knew what would happen...? She knew the two men would come for her and she did not want to go with them before they came...but then again- where did that ability disappear after the virus? The ability to talk to animals and- well, virals, remained after the virus,but her glimpses in the future did not. I could be complete wrong, of course, and i hope some of these things are revealed in the next book.

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