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Cassidy Savage (savagegy6) | 21 comments Mod
Hi AGAIN :) Here is another blurb pulled from the official website about the artist for the cover of Haunted Lily.

In addition to designing over 100 dolls and making and painting several hundreds by hand, Kerry Kate also designs and makes a line of stuffed print dolls that are for sale and are also available for wholesale. October Effigies has been featured in several films and upcoming features like MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM, BLACK DAHLIA and Silent Ghost Cinema's THE GHOST OF SLEEP. Publications including DOLL MAGAZINE, VIAL, DARK CULTURE MAGAZINE and SPIN. Her hand painted dolls have been sold and shown in galleries all over the world.

I came upon October effigies while researching for Haunted Lily. I fell in love with Kerry Kate’s amazing, beautifully creepy, dolls. Looking through her website I found the picture of one of her dolls called, “Skull and Corset Bones”. I wrote her and asked if I could use the doll as the cover of Haunted Lily, and Kerry Kate graciously said, “Yes”. I am forever grateful.

Please check out Kerry Kate at - or click on the picture.

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Cassidy Savage (savagegy6) | 21 comments Mod
Has anyone gone to her site? Kerry is a great artist! I love her dolls! I'm planning on trying to recreate a costume to look like the cover doll of Haunted Lily, for next years Day of the Dead Zombie Prom. I think I'm going to start collecting her dolls, if they're not to expensive for

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