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message 1: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy Savage (savagegy6) | 21 comments Mod
In Haunted Lily, Sidney isn't just talking about haunted places or events, she's talking about haunted people.
People that are sought out by spirits to help them move on, communicate out unfinished business.

Do you believe this is possible? Most people believe it is only children that are capable of this as they are more open of mind and heart.
Do you think you could handle this magnetism to ghosts and all things scary, dark or demented?

I personally thought the character Lily was exceptional and encompassed what I thought it would be like and how one would need to be to cope.

message 2: by Fiona (new)

Fiona (fionam) | 6 comments I agree Cassidy,

I would hope that I would have the courage to be like Lily...

My nephew saw his Mum who had recently died??? He was at school and his Dad had gone over to the School with his baby sister to walkhim home and he looked over at his dad and saw his Mum (my sister) standing behind his Dad and the pushchair!!! how creepy is that...

And since my Dad died I have felt him hugging me now and then, when I am upset!! creepy but comforting - if you see what I mean...

I still think that as we have so much electrical energy that sometimes something must survive sometimes...


message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason | 5 comments Hi Carly, have you seeked professional advise for your problems/experiences?

BTW welcome to the group.

message 4: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy Savage (savagegy6) | 21 comments Mod
My boyfriend is the same way Carly. I've had many an unexplainable experience and he's always told me I'm just to imaginative. I'm pretty sure I've had a "follower" all my life...I don't feel comfortable undressing or showering even when I'm alone in the house, I feel watched all the time. Doors and cabinets always opening and closing, things moving.
When I moved to Stamford, CT from Arizona I was extremely home sick and depressed, that was when I had the most activity in my life...cabinets would open and slam shut. I lock the door to the bathroom when I shower, I'm a freak about it...every time it would be wide open (flush to the wall) when I got out, oh I hated that!
WEIRD I know...but I love all things spooky because of it. :)

message 5: by The Once and (new)

The Once and Future King (caminandoenpradososcuros) | 1 comments I have certain insight into this but I am too scared to really talk about it for fear that people will think I'm nuts or something but let's just say reality is stranger than fiction.

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