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message 1: by Canoe (new)

Canoe | 41 comments Anyone read any of her books? How are they?

This is the 1st book in what looks to be a SFR series: Abducting Alice (Warriors of Kelon, #1) by Angela Castle

Nichole ~Bookaholic~ (Nicholebookaholic) I read this a month or so was pretty good there is a sequel to it out it during the last fictionwise sale..have not had a chance to read it yet...

message 3: by Canoe (last edited Oct 14, 2011 07:27PM) (new)

Canoe | 41 comments I got Blue Fire by Angela Castle as a free kindle lend. The story isn't half bad. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it is entertaining. I would have to say that my biggest gripe is that the book desperately needs a copy editor. I am pretty sure that a reviewer's comments were inserted in the text. No joke! It was Something about them commenting on how a world-specific word was spelled differently. The book is also chock full of typos. Since most of her books seem to be pretty short, the $5.99 kindle price for most of her books seems kind of steep especially considering all the errors.

SubterraneanCatalyst (TheLazyAbsentmindedReviewer) | 9 comments I just reviewed both that ^^ book, Blue Fire and her second book in that series, "Stealing Fire". I wouldn't read it if things like misspelled words drive you crazy :).
Basically for me, first book : fun/decent with some major issues (spelling and editing).
second book: you're fired because you need WAY more editing and now the story also is suffering even more because of bad author decisions.

Nichole ~Bookaholic~ (Nicholebookaholic) You can get her titles at Fictionwise and I believe the pricing is less then amazon...and when they are having sales the pricing is even better...I don't think I have paid more then $3 for the books I have...

message 6: by Canoe (new)

Canoe | 41 comments Good to know about that 2nd book! The occasional typo doesn't bother me, but the extent of her errors is pretty bad. I think I'll just wait to see if I can get her books through Lendle.

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