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message 1: by William (new)

William | 30 comments i love john he mad

message 2: by William (new)

William | 30 comments im not a real fan of wrestling but i just like the incredible stunts and the acting ps john cena u rock and little man ray meysterio

ツ Alisson ツ (alisson) yeah go undertaker

message 4: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments when is Jhon Cena going to be back??

message 5: by Stephen (new)

Stephen (SlashRocks) | 9 comments Matt Hardy,Jeff Hardy,Undertaker,C.M. Punk,Batista,Triple H,Shawn Micheals,R-Truth,John Cena,Kofi Kingston,Evan Bourne,Kane,and Ray Mysterio.Are all my fave wrestlers

message 6: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments To Stephen
I agree they all are my fav too, but Kane???? I donno... here's a question If there was a match between Kane, Ray Mysterio and C.M Punk who would u go for??( anyone in the group can answere this question if they want too)

message 7: by William (new)

William | 30 comments id go for cm punk and rey

message 8: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments u can only chose one !!! who will it be

ツ Alisson ツ (alisson) good hes back

message 10: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments yay that is good news man
and yes finely the Champ is back
woooooooooooooooooooooo go Jhon Cena

message 11: by ツ Alisson ツ (new)

ツ Alisson ツ (alisson) yeah

message 12: by Stephen (new)

Stephen (SlashRocks) | 9 comments i would chose c.m. punk

message 13: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments kOOL y?

message 14: by ツ Alisson ツ (new)

ツ Alisson ツ (alisson) kololol

message 15: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments what do u mean..? far out man tell me one time when he has been an asshole?

message 16: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments Randy Orton is a coward, far out joey I can't believe I like him, u out of all people I thought u had more taste....!!! I was secriously wronge:(

message 17: by ツ Alisson ツ (new)

ツ Alisson ツ (alisson) .........

message 18: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments I was joking lolz!!
But I still don't like him

message 19: by ツ Alisson ツ (new)

ツ Alisson ツ (alisson) ............

message 20: by ツ Alisson ツ (new)

ツ Alisson ツ (alisson)

message 21: by ツ Alisson ツ (new)

ツ Alisson ツ (alisson) ok

message 22: by Alan (new)

Alan (httpwwwgoodreadscom_music) | 14 comments i think JOHN CENA AND UNDERTAKER

message 23: by ♥Jenny♥ (last edited Dec 02, 2008 09:10PM) (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments yep, thats Kool
Alan U got good taste!!

message 24: by William (new)

William | 30 comments wo go rey

message 25: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments yea he's kool too!!

message 26: by William (new)

William | 30 comments and so is john cena

message 27: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments yea i know

message 28: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments yea he's awsome!!

message 29: by William (new)

William | 30 comments ok

message 30: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments ???

message 31: by William (new)

William | 30 comments oh anchor we havein a singing comp ok lalalalala
lalala king for a day lalalalalaalal
king for a daylalalaalal thank u thank u very much

message 32: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments Ok the prise for the worst singer in the world is.............william.......congarulations
william clap clap clap!! lolz!!

message 33: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments lolz!! thats awesome

message 34: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments no but I want too!!

message 35: by William (new)

William | 30 comments ur mean ur not my fwend anymore :(

message 36: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments ???
To William where did that come from?

message 37: by Jess (new)

Jess (im_cullenized) | 20 comments haha
you know it :]
(i wish "/)

message 38: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments lolz!!
yea that would be nice:)
if that happed make sure
u tell him about us!!;)

message 39: by Jess (new)

Jess (im_cullenized) | 20 comments lol coffee;
do you mean
we went 4 pepsi

and i will :D

message 40: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments :D lolz!!

message 41: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments yea me too!!;)

message 42: by Jess (new)

Jess (im_cullenized) | 20 comments aw me too :D
[cm punk♥:]

message 43: by Bailey (new)

Bailey | 1 comments rey mysterio is the best

message 44: by Randy (new)

Randy  Orton  (legendkiller) | 7 comments Randy orton ownz

message 45: by Bradley (new)

Bradley | 1 comments My fav wrestler is the undertaker. =)

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

my fav superstar is


message 47: by [deleted user] (new)



message 48: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments Jeff like got kicked out of wwe or something right? he lost a match or something?

message 49: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments I know aye that kinda sucked.

message 50: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 100 comments oh yeh, my bro told me lol. it was cuz he was in a four way title match and batista could have won it if ray hadn't stopped him or something.

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