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should u try and be cool or be sweeet

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*luv of ur life* (aka caitlin) | 5 comments Mod
no girl likes to be talked to like she is someones property

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i agree 100%

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Kristen (ravenskya) Neither... you should not TRY to be anything. Be you, do what you love. You either ARE sweet or you aren't... and being cool is completely overrated - trust me on this one.

Take a deep breath, stop letting the media, magazines, and girl with bigger boobs than you tell you what you need to do/be/look like. You need to be you, and nothing else. I promise you that you will NEVER be truly happy until you find yourself. And trust me on this... it takes a while. I tried to be cool, I tried being nice, I tried the goth thing, I tried the tomboy thing, and it wasn't until I stopped trying that a man that was able to make me happy showed up and my life became good.

And here is something that you can take a bit of pleasure in - the guys that are the super cool guys right now... will be complete and total losers by the age of 25 - this is the case 95% of the time.

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