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Immortal Love Poems by mere mortals

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Who is/are the poet/s that made you somehow feel inadequate to write love poems? Pablo Neruda and Nizzar Qabbani, for me. They are just TOO GOOD! :D

Can anyone just write poems about "love"?

message 2: by Aberjhani (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:23PM) (new)

Aberjhani | 8 comments The best poets of love did not make me feel so much inadequate as they inspired me to write something in response to their work. Shakespeare's sonnets, poems by Rumi, Elizabeth Barrett Browning's work, Walter Benton's "This Is My Beloved" (which I just reviewed here at GoodReads and on CTI) and any number of others.

The subject of love itself seems to be strongest when written about in contrast to something else, such as war or poverty and poets seem to get their best results when balancing such contrasts in the overall body of their work.

message 3: by Ashley (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:24PM) (new)

Ashley (samuraigurl91) | 3 comments erm..can Shakespeare be counted? i just love his Sonnet 18. haha.

but i don't think anybody can really inspire someone to write a poem abt love or a love poem. i think that someone can only write a completely sincere love poem when they actually experience love itself.

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