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May - Dystopian

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Please post your two suggestions for May's topic here.

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Lance | 13 comments Everybody: please remember to submit a maximum of two (2) suggestions for this month's topic. Thanks, Lance

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erin buchanan | 16 comments Mod
[image error] - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - Philip K Dick.

This book is what the movie Blade Runner is based off of. However, it's really different from the movie too, so worth reading.

[image error] - Uglies - Scott Westerfield.

Supposed to be a "kids" novel, but looked really interesting when I read part of it. It's about society just wanting to be "pretty".

If you click "add book/author" when you go to post something in a discussion that's how I'm getting the links to the books. Also: go here if you need somewhere to start for dystopias. Yay wikipedia.

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Jess (justjess) | 4 comments Battle Royale Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

My favorite Japanese movie ever is based on this book. I'll do some research to see how well it translates.

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