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the new elders (spoilers)

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Tyler i was just wondering what everyone thinks about the garde on earth assuming the position as the new elders for lorien. does anyone think that they'll end up having all legacies like the originals. and if they're supposed to be more powerful than the originals how long will it take for them to get that powerful because they're still pretty average.

Cece Well, the elders were... elders, so they must have been pretty old and wise right? Who knows? Maybe they're only beginning to develop?

themikko they'll go old and grow beards(boys only) and the girls will wear funny underwear.

Tyler im actually starting to think that the garde on Earth might be developing legacies that are most useful to them at that point in time because if u think about it, 6 developed invisibility when she needed to be able to get out of jail. seven developed the ability to breath underwater when she was drowning. maybe they'll develop each one eventually as a way to cope with whatever situation they're inadvertently placed in.

Andrew Hildreth Tyler wrote: "im actually starting to think that the garde on Earth might be developing legacies that are most useful to them at that point in time because if u think about it, 6 developed invisibility when she ..."

Very astute observation, Tyler.

Tyler looking back though, 4 and 6 are already stronger than they were in the first book. in book one they had trouble taking on even a few mogs and already 4 took on a cave full 6 took on basically an army on her own. If things keep progressing like they are by the time the entire garde actually gets together the whole planet of mogadore wouldn't be able to stop them animals included.

Mily Lou I think Six has the best powers. John has all the crappy powers.

hunger games and K POP LAVA!!!! i aagree with Emily but jonh does has ok powers though

Tyler johns powers so far, except for his telekinesis, are all passive, but there are a couple of parts in the book that make it sound like he can set things on fire now at least the way its written. six's has mostly active aggressive powers.

Jimmy John doesnt have any unique powers, does he? He has telekinesis, which everybody has, he's super strong and fast, which everyone also has. He hasn't developped any unique powers so maybe his elder wasnt even powerful or didnt have special powers like the others. That of John is supid and can't develop anything on his own.

Tyler his only powers that are unique to him at this point in the series are being able to talk to animals, and being impervious to heat/ hands that act as flashlights

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Tane I Love Marina's powers ... first of she has better telekenesis than the rest, hers is stronger and more unique, she could float in the air, and if she keeps training with her telekenese she may be able to fly, who knows? She could split open tree's with her powers, though was that her telekenese doing that? Or another power or something? It seemed like she had an affinity for nature ... idk. She has superspeed, breathes underwater and more are still to come.

Tyler idt that her telekinesis is stronger than the others to be honest in book one john could already pick up a fat guys and turn them upside down in the air and his was just starting out. The tree thing I'm not positive about but I think it might be centered around the fact that her ability to heal started out on plants.

themikko I think Marina could have been stronger if Adelina trained her. Tsk tsk

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Tane She does have stronger telekenesis, she can do more witht them than the others, and her healing doesn't mean anything when she opened that tree up, i think it was her telekenesis .... would have to read that part again and show yous the qouates ...

Yea me too ... if she was trained like number 6 was her trainer would never, probably, would never had died

Tyler I think that all of their telekinesis is equal because that's the one power that every garde gets. But I think that every person thinks differently so she's probably just using it in a way that makes it seem like hers is stronger if you understand my line of reasoning. I don't really think that any of them are necessarily more powerful than the other garde members, what makes them powerful is how they think to use their abilities.

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Tane Number 6 seems a bit overpowered though ae ... I dont like that she is the most powerful ....

tcb4ts @themikko&Tane.
in a way, i agree. she would have been more powerfull and her powers stronger if her ce'pan (adelina) had trained her.. BUT.. i also think that because adelina didnt train her, it pushed her to strive harder for them. because of adelina she had to learn about it on her own, while trying to pursuade her to help. it made her mentally stronger.

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Tane True i agree.

themikko I agree too. But it's likely that she's the weakest Garde so far aside from Ten. She's not suited for fighting.

Tyler At the moment she'll probably be used mostly as a behind the lines healer. Every group needs a healer. Apparently she can pretty much fix anything excluding death.

themikko Yup. And im predicting TEN MIGHT BE THE STRONGEST

Chace themikko wrote: "I agree too. But it's likely that she's the weakest Garde so far aside from Ten. She's not suited for fighting."

That's because she was not trained by her Cepan.

themikko Haha. This convo is going back and forth

Jessica I don't know where the whole "7 telekinesis is stronger" comes from. But during the fight with the cops, both Four and Six carry three men each, from the two helicopters. They both could probably carrying themself, if they just tried. 7 is also about a year older then Four and Six. She should had the powers longer and would therefore trained and developed the power more. If she is more powerful it have to do with more time for the development and training.

I think in the end Four will be the strongest garde. He just started develop his legacies while the others seem to have theirs for a while. According to the first chapter of the rise of Nine it seemed to be just one garde that will develop all the legacies and I think it will be Four.

themikko I'm thinking another boy. None Nine though. Although Four is also likely

Tyler i'm thinking that the boy in the first chapter of 'The rise of nine' is a trap. If you think about it it's a little too easy that he's projected himself as being the one with all the powers within him. He was too easy to find. Unless he's really good at fighting he'd already be dead because the mogs usually find them within around a few days. If his cepan is still alive then he wouldn't have let him be so open with his powers. And if his cepan is already dead he'd be trying to stay under the radar because he'd understand the danger's. Those are just my thoughts

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Jessica It's has not been confirmed if the boy in India is a garde or not. But I think Crayton is right about him being a garde, but wrong about him being the one with all the powers. And maybe he seems stronger because he could be one of the older ones in the group, and he could have had his powers for a while and got properly trained too.

I think number Four is the one with all the powers. So far has he been the main protagonist. He had his Legacies the shortest time (maybe exempt from Ella). So he could be the one, but under development. Maybe the items in Four chest would have revealed it and that's why Henri kept it a secret. So he would not freak Four out by telling him that he and Pittacus Lore is the only ones that could defeat Setrákus Ra. Just some of my thoughts

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Tyler I believe that four will probably be the one with all of the powers because for some odd reason he already kind of seems like the leader. He was the first to survive when the mogs made an all out assault on him -- with six's help of course -- when his number came up. And the other members of the group, even nine seem to defer to him somewhat like they can sense it. So far 6 has the better skills, but as cool headed as she is, even she usually defers to four's judgement. It could just be because she has feelings for him but I believe that though it's not known yet, the others can sense something different about him like they're naturally drawn to him as a leader.

Jessica Tyler wrote: "I believe that four will probably be the one with all of the powers because for some odd reason he already kind of seems like the leader. He was the first to survive when the mogs made an all out a..."

I have noticed it too, it's a bit funny how both Six and Nine seems to leave a lot of the decision making to Four.

Anyway have you listen to the transmission from the author? It really sounds like people are really underrating Lumen.

And the fourth transmission make me wonder if Ella always was the tenth Elder. The one Henri thought died on Lorien. But I have a hard time hearing what he's saying.

And we also get some info about the items in the chest.

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Tyler i had never listened to his podcasts, but you're right even I underrated his Lumen being that it's a mostly passive ability. But him stating that it gives 4 the ability to directly connect to the power flowing through Lorien (which gives all the garde their abilities) leads credit to what I said earlier. A direct line to that power would make it a lot easier for him to get all the powers. Plus if I were the writer of the book, and only one person would get every power, I'd start that character off low key with the most passive abilities to make him easily over looked. 6 and 9 both started off with really good abilities that allow them to fight. So far 4 has mostly passive abilities that allow him to survive there's a big difference in that. 4 can't be hurt by fire or anything related apparently(as seen when he's able to touch the lava/acid in "the power of six") and his ability to talk to animals would potentially let him ask them for help in a time of need. Also his number is almost directly in the middle of how many garde there were to start with. This leads me to believe that it was purposefully done. His ability to survive meant that they'd still have enough garde left alive to fight when the time ultimately came and means that he will live long enough to receive all the powers.

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