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small and simple things > If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be?

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message 1: by Karey (last edited Oct 18, 2008 02:59PM) (new)

Karey (kareyshane) | 108 comments Mod
I'd hope to teach people how to heal through service and creating. this might sound boring, but my great purpose is to inspire, uplift, and teach others that we all get second chances in life. We all get as many chances as we need to get "it" right, whatever "it" is.

message 2: by melissa (new)

melissa madjid (ichaudah) | 1 comments tentu saja membuat perdamaian (peace on earth)menjadi hal yang abadi....
kita masih melihat krisis di irak masih berat, belum lagi kisah memilukan Palestina yang terus mengancam selama puluhan tahun...

juga mengatasi krisis kelaparan di Afrika....

but i just dont know how..??

message 3: by Allyson (new)

Allyson (allyeb) If I could change the world I'd end abortion. I am a christian, and I believe that abortion is killing someone before they get a chance to live. It is a sin to kill someone. I believe that if a woman is pregnate they should let their child live, because God clearly is sending down the child to Earth do do good things in their life.

message 4: by Dee (new)

Dee Marie (dee_marie) | 9 comments I would smle at a stranger and hope they would pass the smile along.

Dee Marie

message 5: by Karey (new)

Karey (kareyshane) | 108 comments Mod
Hi Dee. What a simple purpose. We can all do that. And thanks for sharing your ideas, Melissa and Ally.

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