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My cousin Lily (5) Came up to my uncle Courtney with the key to the Treadmill. Courtney said, "Lily, don't play with this! If you lose it, we can't work the Treadmill!" And Lily said, "I wasn't playing with it! I got it from Ty!" And so, Courtney confronted his three-year-old son. "Ty, were you playing with this?" he said. Ty looked at him defiantly and said, "No." Courtney said, "Ty, don't lie to me." Ty said, "But I have to!" Courtney frowned. "No, don't lie!" But I have to, 'caus I'm in trouble!"

So, last night, Uncle Courtney, Aunt Carry, and cousin Ty were in the livingroom watching a presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. Ty started saying softly, "Barack Obama's naughty! Barack Obama's naughty!" Naturally, Courtney thought this was funny. He started laughing. Ty's chant got louder and louder; "BARACK OBAMA'S NAUGHY! BARACK OBAMA'S NAUGHTY!" Courtney did the thing any parent would have done: he fell off the couch from laughing. Carry frowned and said, "Courtney, you shouldn't teack him that." Courtney managed to say, "I didn't! He thought it up himself!" Carry said, "Ty, that's not nice. You should say sorry." Ty scowled. "Ty, please say sorry." Ty huffed. "Okay. I'm sorry... Barack Obama... POOPYPANTS!!!"

The moral of the story: kids don't like Barack Obama.

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P.S. I don't like B.O. (As in Barack Obama... Not Body Oder... But I don't like that either...)

♪♪♪☺☻♥♥☺☻Lola♪♪♪☺☻♥ | 95 comments LOL! Where do u come up with things like that? LOL!

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I'm an idiot. LOL

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u r fiona

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