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East of Eden
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Ty Wade | 3 comments setting: primarily the new trask house built on the "Eden" on the Salinas Valley.

the Characters include Adam and his wife and Samuel and his family. The primary focus of the story was Samuel helping Adam dig wells on his property while all the wile Adam's wife is preparing to give birth to the baby (later found to be twins. Irony much?).

The story continues by giving a general description of the beautiful landscape of the property owned by Adam. Adam was without water however, so he hires his neighbor and expert Samuel. Samuel becomes very excited for Adam has a great deal of money that he can readily pay. Samuel has dinner with the Trask family, only to find that Adam's wife is quite the devil in her own way. This particularly ends up being the primary problem for most of the characters. Samuel later tries to help her have the babies, but she ends up being cannibalistic to a degree, scaring the old man out of his own thoughts. After about 2 weeks of recovery, Adam's wife decides that it's finally time for her to go, so in an attempt to leave, she shoots Adam after he denies her the ability to leave.

personal response:

this is more and more becoming that of the famous religious story of the two brothers. I thought at the beggining of the story that it had some parrallel with Charles and Adam, but it seems as though these two twins are going to be the reflection. I find it to be quite interesting that even after all this, Adam refuses to consider the possibility that the woman that he loves is possibly evil. Oh well. Love is blind to a certain degree, and and Samuel's wife put it, " She has her husband under some sort of spell."

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