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message 1: by Angela (new)

Angela | 1934 comments Obviously we have all shared our obsession and addiction to books, but is anyone out there addicted to anything else?

I am addicted to buying TV boxed sets, which is an expensive habit but I love putting in a disc and watching episode after episode.

I am also addicted to smoking (bad I know)... but I am quitting January 1st.

I am also addicted to tanning (another horrible, horrible habit). I did not go for three months, which was quite good for me, but then someone at work asked me if I was feeling well because I looked pale and I said nope, just my natural skin color. I went back two weeks ago, but I am only going once a week in a seven minute bed.

Lets see and I am a organized freak!! Everything has to be organized otherwise I go crazy.

message 2: by Emma (last edited Oct 15, 2008 01:45PM) (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2389 comments I love dark chocolate and goat cheese, politics, real estate, exercise, LOST, and more. I'm addicted to a lot of things, but not anything unhealthy.

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) I'm addicted to cream cheese, does that count?


Oooh, and I love roasted weenies this time of year. I've been known to wax poetic on the topic of crisply roasted weenies.

message 4: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Coffee, coffee, coffee.

It's the only negative addiction I have left and I'm not giving it up.

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura (laurita) Coffee and cigarettes. My quit date or smoking is this Thursday, and I actually feel like I'm ready this time. Some of the more tea-totaling types might call me a bit of a boozer, but if so, I am the most controlled and functional sot in the western hemisphere. This American Life on NPR has reached addiction proportions and lately I've developed a very expensive habit for theater and performance. We've got a couple wonderful theater companies in town that look the other way when I pretend I still qualify for student prices, but it's just not cheap no matter how you look at it.

message 6: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments I'm addicted to shopping and it goes in spurts - movies, dance stuff, and books are my three big vices. I'm also addicted to dance - mostly bellydance, but I really like it all. Of late, I've also been addicted to the TV series HOUSE. I simply LOVE it!

message 7: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (notestothemoon) I'm totally addicted to shopping! Shoes, clothes, dvds, books, absolutely anything! I think I'm actually just addicted to spending money I don't have!! I'm also addicted to marshmallows and crisps. I did have a bag of sugar free marshmallows the other day, they just weren't the same though :(

message 8: by Catamorandi (new)

Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) | 1045 comments I am addicted to alcohol (20 years sober), chocolate (especially dark), and SHOPPING. I can't seem to get myself to stop spending money. I am terrible. I run through money like pop runs through me. I hope I can find a way to get rid of this addiction as it is going to ruin me if I don't get hold of it.

Petra bf in 2 days but I have lost my nerve (petra-x) I was addicted to sex, but source ran out. :-(

message 10: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10095 comments Mod
ok. Besides buying books....???

Chapstick. I have to have chapstick. I am soo worried about running out that I have 7 sticks of it in my purse, one in my desk at work, and one in every room in the house (minus the bathrooms)....

if I dont apply it often, i feel like my lips are stiff and I lick them and chew on them, and then they really end up chapped... weird, right? I use all different kinds too... the regular chaptstick brand, dasani, aquafina, so soft, and some sparkly ones too...

I also used to be addicted to nosespray. People have since intervened and now I refuse to use it. I used to use it the minute my nose stuffed up and even tho you are only supposed to use it twice a day, I was shooting up 4 or 5 times...

The worst was when I had gone through two bottles of afrin in one week before I realised that something was not right. I was making my nose worse by using the stuff. There is nothing worse than quitting cold turkey with a competely blocked up nose. It lasted two more weeks after I quit the stuff....


message 11: by Ann from S.C. (new)

Ann from S.C. | 1395 comments I have a very addictive personality. Right now I am into french bread with nutella (a creamy, hazelnut spread). Can't get enough.
Also have over done it with the alchohol. But have stopped due to some meds. I am on.
I used to be a shopoholic, but since I stay home now, I have learned to hold off on the spending.
I gotta have my books though!!

message 12: by Mandy (new)

Mandy Hm, I go through phases, when I like something I'll want it all the time but most of the time there comes a point where it just drops off, but I never worry, I pick it back up in a couple of months :)

Every time I go into a book store or a store that sells books somewhere in it then I'm always looking at them and most of the time purchasing.

The same can be said for DVDs, I just want to own them all, even if I don't watch them!!

message 13: by Liz (new)

Liz (busy91) I don't think my personality is addictive, but my only other addiction beside books would be movies. I don't purchase them though, but I watch more than the average person. So far this year I've watched 392 movies/tv series on DVDs.

This would be movies watched in all forms from the movie theater, TV, DVD/VHS, DVR, IW on Netflix...whatever.

message 14: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments Mandy, I totally get you. I'm the same way. Even if I haven't watched it or read it, I want to OWN it. I'm this way with dance DVDs - seriously I own like a hundred and haven't watched even a quarter - regular movies (though I've watched most of them) - and of course books.

My therapist tells me I'm trying to fill a void with the shopping/owning stuff, but I can't seem to figure out what the void is. I think I just picked up the habit from my mom - she's a bit OCD also.

message 15: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2389 comments Lori, one really good chapstick is Burt's Bees, I love it.

message 16: by Lisa Julianna (new)

Lisa Julianna (lisajulianna) | 1053 comments I'm addicted to food. Even when I'm not hungry I could find something to eat. I use to be addicted to soda but stop drinking that almost 3 years ago after I had surgery.

I love to go shopping but I've been trying to keep that under control.

I would LOVE to be addicted to exercise; anyone have any idea how to GET addicted to that? hehe!

message 17: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments Good call, Linda! I'll also take a few (or even a lot) of pointers on how to get addicted to exercise. Oooh, I also need to get addicted to getting out of bed in the morning (so I can exercise) rather than staying warm, cozy, and cuddled under the blankies with my puppies.

message 18: by Emma (last edited Oct 16, 2008 12:27PM) (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2389 comments I'm pretty good at saving...except when it comes to books.

message 19: by Rachelle (new)

Rachelle Thank you Fiona! I hate how money jump out of my pockets where books are concerned.

message 20: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2389 comments No Fiona, it's completely normal. The voices in my head say things like:

You already have plenty of books to read.

You could go to the library and not waste money!

But the covers are so pretty, and the smell and feel of the pages hypnotize me.

message 21: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thenightowl) Well besides GR, I'm also addicted to checking email, Facebook, and the news (local, world, and celebrity news). I need to be in the "know".

I use to be addicted to exercise until I couldn't go due to a time crunch and then laziness took over and now I'm doomed. I keep saying I'm going to start up again, but just haven't.

Also, slightly addicted to sex. The current BF doesn't mind that addiction though.

I'm also addicted to checking my appearance. I have to look in the mirror to make sure I look ok. It's not a vanity thing, but more of a self conscious thing. I'm also addicted to chapstick and lipgloss. I have many tubes in my purse and around my room. I hate crusty dry lips or skin for that matter, which makes me addicted to lotion too, I guess?

message 22: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments Fiona, you are so silly and not the least bit alone. I, too, hear voices when I'm at bookstores. "Buy me, buy me, buy me. I'm a poor, lonley, orphaned book with no home. Please take me home with you. Give me love. Give me a shelf of my very own."

Hello, how can anyone say "no" to that? Apparently my hubby is very good at saying, "no," both to the books AND me. Oh well, the books that sneak in when he's not around don't do him any harm. Well, um, I mean, unless he stubs his toe or something on them.

Oh, and as for books getting up and walking away... I actually had a book I wanted to purchase and resisted the voice in my head. I put it back and checked on it a week or two later when I went back to the store. I again resisted temptation. Then, I finally decided I couldn't wait any longer. I went to the story with the sole intent of purchasing that book and IT HAD BEEN MOVED! I couldn't find it any where. I have since found and purchased it, thankfully. Although every time I try to resist I recall that one book I almost lost forever. Actually, that has happened twice. The second book (which was probably the first) took me FOREVER to find.

message 23: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments I've started carrying pen and paper in my purse to write down books/authors when I see them in the store, but as you can tell by my TBR I'm completely out of control!

message 24: by Liesl (new)

Liesl (lieslm) | 170 comments Besides books:

Clothes shopping
Soap operas
Taco Bell

message 25: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 1000 comments Liesl, I am also addicted to Taco Bell. Mmm, so good.

And besides books and GR, I am also addicted to football, golf (playing not watching), poker, Harry Potter, and a few choice TV shows.

message 26: by Liesl (last edited Oct 16, 2008 08:18PM) (new)

Liesl (lieslm) | 170 comments Jessica -- I've been eating at Taco Bell for coughcoughovercoughcoughfortycoughcoughcoughcoughcoughyears. Yes, it's true! It started when I was about eight years old and tacos cost 10 cents each. My family didn't have a lot of money and there were five hungry kids, so an occasional outing to Taco Bell was one of the ways my parents could treat us.

Sorry, Fiona, for stealing your style on this one, but it was just so appropriate.

message 27: by Nawar (new)

Nawar (nawaralq) | 173 comments I'm addicted to coffee and nailpolish.

message 28: by Charity (new)

Charity (charityross) Coffee. Journals. Stationery. Pens. Shoes. Handbags.

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (susannag) | 1736 comments I'm a yarnaholic as well as a bookaholic.

Actually, I like cross stitch, needlepoint, and crewel embroidery as well as knitting. But I say yarnaholic because I've been knitting just over two years and already have a stash of five bags of yarn!

I also seem to accumulate teas, and funky bath gear, like bath salts or whatnot.

message 30: by Jeane (new)

Jeane | 4891 comments You know I came on this thread because I was going to answer for me....but I found it so weird and have really been thinking what else besides books...... the only thing I can come up with for now and it isn't even a material thing so I don't know if it is correct but ...Italy? I do think and are pretty sure that I am addicted....

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Addictions: books, reading, quilting, scrappbooking, taking pictures, movies, & putting things in rubbermaid tubs! Oh, ICE CREAM!!!!!!! I also love anything you can put frosting on!!!!!

message 32: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2389 comments Oh! How could I forget Ice cream!! Ben and Jerry's!

message 33: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2389 comments Ahh..

message 34: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) It would be so nice to be near the sea tho!

Petra bf in 2 days but I have lost my nerve (petra-x) I haven't thought of an oyster in years. OMG I used to love them.

On Christmas Day the beaches are deserted so it has become a tradition that my son and I buy a tub of Ben & Jerry's and go and sit under the coconut trees on a deserted beach and just pig out. On Boxing Day my son goes to his father's family for a tradtional Christmas though.

message 36: by Kellie (new)

Kellie (acountkel) | 992 comments I just learned about Boxing Day in the book "I'm a Stranger Here Myself"
Never knew what it was.
I lived such a sheltered life....

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Emma: I love Ben & Jerry's! Have you tried the peanut butter cup ice cream? I found it this summer and it is truely the best!!!! Heaven on earth!

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Homemade ice cream is also great you can make what ever flavor your heart desires!!!!

message 39: by Jeane (new)

Jeane | 4891 comments Kellie, you aren't alone. before going to England I didn't had a clue about all those special called days either. But I have a good friend called Mister Wikipedia, he is always around to help me and teach me new stuff!

Petra bf in 2 days but I have lost my nerve (petra-x) Jeane, its the same the other way round: I had to learn about Labor Day and Memorial Day (and Columbus day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and probably a lot more) and I still can't get the order of them right. I think the more holidays the merrier though, especially when they have nice traditions, like Halloween, associated witht hem.

message 41: by Jeane (new)

Jeane | 4891 comments Petra, here in Italy they have days linked to saints and I never have any clue about them. Not even mentioning who they are and what they stand clue. I am one of those people who go to the post office or any other public building ad wonder why it's closed....
My mother even had to tell me always when there would be school holiday because besides summer holiday and the one around christmas, I didn't know. I also don't have any knowledge of Belgian public holidays which was a problem in London as I was working on a Belgian market in a company and didn't know about the holidays. so I would know them from clients or when I would say: see you tomorrow and my teamleader would watch me weird and ask why I was coming the next day!

message 42: by Petra bf in 2 days but I have lost my nerve (last edited Oct 18, 2008 08:53AM) (new)

Petra bf in 2 days but I have lost my nerve (petra-x) Jeane, you are really one of those people who need an online calendar that updates itself for holidays!

The most difficult place I've ever been is Bali. I don't go as frequently now, but I used to do business there. There are over 60 holidays! They use three calendars, the Gregorian (same as us) for business. The wuku calendar in which a year is 210 days long and has ten different types of weeks (e.g. the 9 day week has 9 days, the 8 day week has 8 days etc) and is used for calculating ceremonies. It is the most important of the calendars. The most important days are when several days from different types of weeks especially the 5, 6 and 7 day weeks overlap although the all-important market days are calculated on the 3 day week. Are you still with me? lol. Then there is the Saka calendar.... let's stop here.

(btw the Balinese only have four official first names. Its great fun if rather embarrassing to go to a supermarket and call out the name of your driver, 'Made' - half the place turns round. Its the name of the second and fifth child!)

message 43: by rebecca j (new)

rebecca j (technophobe) | 6029 comments I'm definitely an addictive personality! Besides books (which are my biggest collection) I have collections of: pens, marbles, craft materiels, chickens, and Hot Wheels (over 1500 and counting). It's no wonder my budget is such a mess and my house is getting smaller!

message 44: by Jeane (new)

Jeane | 4891 comments You're right Petra! It is sometimes embarrasing. The way people look at me when they ask for instance when the national holiday of Belgium is (I am Belgian) and I don't know ... but I don't really care.
At work or school I never really cared because I liked going to school or my work.

Thos online calenders are great!!!!!!!!

Petra bf in 2 days but I have lost my nerve (petra-x) Jeane - my first husband's mother came from Brussels. Lovely people. (Best frites and waffles anywhere).

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (susannag) | 1736 comments Oh yes, and I also collect boxes, and glass figurines.

message 47: by Kristina (new)

Kristina | 33 comments This is a recent one and it's really weird...using an epilator on my legs. I just want to keep epilating (is that a word?) It is very addictive once you start.

Lifelong addictions would be books and music.

Other things go in phases, it might be a certain snack, shopping for scrapbook supplies, watching a certain tv show or playing a certain wii game. I could not stop playing Super Paper Mario until I beat it.

I used to be addicted to food, I went from starving myself to compulsively eating. I battled with it from the time I was 14 till I was 25. After my son was born I changed my eating habits, and we all eat very healthy now. I lost a lot of weight, became healthier than I'd ever been and I kept it up for almost 5 years now.

message 48: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy Savage (savagegy6) I am addicted to:
- reading thriller books and anything spooky.
- watching Ghost Hunters
- YouTube
- Dr. Pepper...aaawwww
- buying music on iTunes, it's just way to easy!
- pumpkin seeds, I wait all year to gut, roast and eat 'em up!

message 49: by alicia (new)

alicia grant (shesha34) I am addicted to coffee,Iced tea,anything chocolate and sweet.My computer,adding songs to my Zune.So I guess you could say Yes i have a very addicting personality.

message 50: by Kristina (new)

Kristina | 33 comments Fiona I had heard they were painful too, but then someone recommended the Braun epilators. I never tried one in the past, but supposedly these are nothing compared to the older ones in terms of pain.
The first time I did it it was somewhat painful, but now it's not.

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