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Fair Readers (FairReaders) | 31 comments Mod
Please post book link and description.

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K.J. Kron (Kron) | 2 comments Saint Peter Killed God
Father Peter wakes up with amnesia in a psychiatric hospital after a suicide attempt only to discover he wanted to revolutionize the church.

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate | 7 comments Seaview Terrace

Told from several viewpoints, Seaview Terrace is a contemporary character-driven novel in a nineties seaside setting about the fragile relationships between neighbours, and the passions and prejudices that arise when so many disparate personalities live in close quarters.

Also available in paperback

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Irene (LadyRaven) | 3 comments I find it difficult to know which "genre" my books fit into, because to be honest I simply write what comes into my mind for long enough to develop into a story. I have been reprimanded for writing a "romance" without a happy-ever-after, for example - when I thought it was simply a story about two people who loved each other!

Anyway, I have posted about my latest book under "Romance", and about an early non-fiction work under "Non-fiction - factual" - so, if you'll forgive me, I shall post a portmanteau of my books in here, and wait to see if I'm going to be told off or moved elsewhere.

Wild Honey (fiction - about people but not a romance, I'm told. No HEA!)
"Wild Honey" may be my favourite, if I'm allowed to have a favourite, and I still read it and am still surprised by it. One particular section makes the hair on the back of my neck prickle every time I reach it! This one was written in two halves, over twenty years apart.

A Day to Go Gently (fiction - a woman's memories of her life, from childhood on a farm through love and marriage to old age.)
"A Day to Go Gently", by contrast, was written quite quickly, simply because every time I put down my keyboard, the next bit would begin to write itself into my head. It's not a perfect book, but I'm not ashamed of it. And I think it displays the heroine's own character in its imperfections.

Flowers for Alys (fiction from another time and place)
"Flowers for Alys", which is set further back into history than the others, has been compared to a fairy tale or a parable. It tells of differences and injustice, but most of all of the beauty to be found in life, wherever you may find it. It is now available from Amazon for the Kindle, but can be found at Lulu as a paperback or an e-Book, like the others.

When the Snow Refused to Fall
A Christmas story involving love, families, students, dreams and Father Christmas - but no actual snow, to begin with.

St James the Less, Penicuik 1882 - 1982
"St James the Less" is a history, very local, but very thoroughly researched, with lots of pictures old and new. There's a good amount of social history in there, I think, along with the ecclesiastical content.

For my other books, please click on the image below - this should take you to the page with full information.

Wild Honey by Irene M. Redpath A Day to Go Gently by Irene M. Redpath Sparkles and Splinters by Irene M. Redpath Flowers for Alys by Irene M. Redpath When the Snow Refused to Fall by Irene M. Redpath St James the Less, Penicuik 1882 - 1982 by Irene M. Redpath WHITEOAK in the British census 1841 (WHITEOAK in the British Census, #1 ) by Irene M. Redpath WHITEOAK in the British census 1851 (WHITEOAK in the British Census, #2) by Irene M. Redpath WHITEOAK in the British census 1861 (WHITEOAK in the British Census, #3) by Irene M. Redpath WHITEOAK in the British census 1911 (WHITEOAK in the British Census, #8) by Irene M. Redpath

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Ali Cooper (AliCooper) | 5 comments The Girl on the Swing

Likened to The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and Second Glance by Jodi Picoult

Do you believe you’ve lived before? Julia does. Since she was a child she’s had dreams, memories and visions of what she believes are previous lives.

She doesn’t pay much attention to these flashbacks until her grown-up son dies and, at the same time, she’s suspended from her job as a doctor. With her present day life – including her marriage – falling apart around her, Julia turns to her past lives as an escape.

For the first time, she meets someone whom she recognises from a previous existence. She is drawn to get to know him. But while, in the past, he was her teenage sweetheart, in this life he’s a murderer. Present and past entwine, culminating in a dramatic conclusion.

Set in Nottingham and Lyme Regis.

The Girl on the Swing by Ali Cooper Cave by Ali Cooper

message 6: by Heather (new)

Heather Adkins (heathermarieadkins) | 5 comments Martin’s existence has centered on his wife, Sophie, for thirteen years. Their tumultuous, explosive relationship ends in adultery and her abrupt death, leaving Martin to pick up the pieces of the life she built for them – and a daughter he barely knows. With the touching insights of his little girl and memories of Sophie to keep him going, Martin navigates the year after her death in a series of lists, finding that happiness is something to create, not expect.

Cause & Effect is a novella at 38,000 words or roughly 120 pages.

Cause & Effect (Novella) by Heather Marie Adkins

message 7: by Brendan (new)

Brendan Gisby (twistedfoot) | 3 comments The Island of Whispers

This is the story of a colony of rats living on an island under the world-famous Forth Railway Bridge. Ruled over by an ‘inner circle’ of evil fat rats, and in fear for their lives, a group of lowly ‘watchers’ attempts to brave the stormy waters and scale the giant bridge in a bid for freedom. But celebrations for the bridge's centenary are about to begin.... will they make it? A story of oppression overcome, fierce loyalty, dreams and devastation. Grisly to the end, but with heart. You'll never look at those little islands in the same way again.

The book should appeal to readers of all ages, especially those who have read and liked Watership Down. Although the central characters are rats rather than rabbits, readers quickly forget their natural aversion to rodents and become immersed in the story. And they say the story is every bit as good as Watership Down!

The Island of Whispers by Brendan Gisby

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Melinda Clayton (GoodreadscomMelinda_Clayton) | 4 comments Appalachian Justice by Melinda Clayton
Appalachian Justice

Billy May Platte is a half Irish, half Cherokee Appalachian woman who learned the hard way that 1940s West Virginia was no place to be different. In 1945, when Billy May was fourteen years old and orphaned, three local boys witnessed an incident in which Billy May's sexuality was called into question. Determined to teach her a lesson she would never forget, they orchestrated a brutal attack that changed the dynamics of the tiny coal mining village of Cedar Hollow, West Virginia forever.

Thirty years after the brutal attack, living in solitude on top of Crutcher Mountain, Billy May discovers the hideout of a young girl and must quickly make a decision.

Will she withdraw into the solitude in which she has lived since the horrific attack, or will she risk everything to save the girl from a similar fate? Billy May's choices will once again change not only her own future, but the future of Cedar Hollow as well, and certainly the future of the young girl.

Winner of the 2011 Sapphic Readers Award for best debut novel.

message 9: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (PatriciaSierra) | 3 comments Emily Dickinson: Beyond the Myth

Forget what you've been taught about Emily Dickinson, discard the myth that has been passed down through the years, and step into Emily's real life. Although this is a work of fiction, it is told in the first-person as if it were an autobiography and contains a mix of both known facts and informed speculation. The story begins on Emily's death bed as she looks back on her life. You will not find here that fictional phantom-in-white slipping around corners and hiding behind screens, avoiding the world. The Emily Dickinson you'll meet in these pages is the woman revealed in her letters and in the comments of her contempories. She was a strong woman faced with more losses than anyone should have to bear, and her everyday life had more to do with the tasks of maintaining a home than with crafting the perfect poem. She forged lasting friendships, forming deep attachments to those most integral to her happiness. Emily's one well-documented love affair (not with a married minister, despite what you've heard elsewhere) is explored, along with another possible love story that may have fueled her most productive years and produced her most-admired poems.

message 10: by Kate (new)

Kate | 7 comments Far Cry From The Turquoise Room
Far Cry From The Turquoise Room by Kate Rigby

Leila is the eight-year-old daughter of Hassan Nassiri, a wealthy Iranian property owner, and younger sister to the adored Fayruz, her father's favourite daughter.

Then tragedy strikes in a holiday narrowboat accident having far-reaching consequences for the surviving family and so follows a tale of adventure, danger and romance – and further anguish for Leila’s parents.

Far Cry From The Turquoise Room is a coming-of-age, riches-to-rags tale of loss, resilience, and self-discovery. It is also about the passage of childhood into puberty. Suitable for all ages.

Shortly coming out in paperback.

message 11: by Andre Jute (new)

Andre Jute (AndreJute) | 11 comments (This book is LITERARY CRITICISM)
André Jute & Andrew McCoy
STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress by Andre Jute STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress by Andrew McCoy
STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress. All ebook formats $2.99, and 204pp trade paperback $9.99.

Stieg Larsson
Man, Myth & Mistress
who created the Millennium Trilogy of
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl Who Played with Fire
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest

Is Lisbeth Salander a feminist — or a comic book avenger? Is her creator Stieg Larsson a feminist — or a prurient, violent hack? What is the Millennium Trilogy really about? Is it literature or vicarious violence and sex? Should Eva Gabrielsson be in charge of the Girl franchise? Should there be a second Salander Trilogy? Who built the Stieg Larsson myth, and is any of it true?

Best selling authors André Jute and Andrew McCoy wittily investigate the evidence — and arrive at the correct politically incorrect answers. They fix the blame for the Larsson scandal on… surprising people. Some Millennium fans will riot, most will be riotously entertained.

‘Jute is great…a private godsend.’
Ruth Rendell, The Times

The apartheid regime in South Africa twice sent assassins after Andrew McCoy, claiming his novel The Insurrectionist was a ‘blueprint for black revolution’ and a ‘handbook for the ANC’.

Like Larsson, André Jute has been a journalist and graphic designer. His novel Reverse Negative led to the exposure of the spy in the Queen’s household, Anthony Blunt. He is an acclaimed expert on the thriller, his Writing a Thriller going into three ever-expanding editions over 25 years.

STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress. All ebook formats $2.99, and 204pp trade paperback $9.99.

IDITAROD a novel of The Greatest Race on Earth by André Jute IDITAROD a novel of The Greatest Race on Earth by André Jute
Andre Jute is also the author of the bestselling family-safe adventure IDITAROD a novel of The Greatest Race on Earth

The Meyersco Helix by Andrew McCoy
Andrew McCoy is also the author of the bestselling hypershock adventure of the biowar apocalypse The Meyersco Helix

message 12: by Dan (new)

Dan Holloway (eightcutsgallery) | 2 comments Songs from the Other Side of the Wall

For all lovers of Murakami, especially Norwegian Wood, Coupland, or Gibson.

The day the Berlin Wall came down, Jennifer returned to England, leaving her week-old daughter, Szandi, to grow up on a Hungarian vineyard with 300 years of history. Now 18, Szandi is part of Budapest’s cosmopolitan art scene, sharing a flat and a bohemian lifestyle with her lover and fellow sculptress, Yang. She has finally found her place in the world. When she discovers her father has only weeks to live, she must choose once and for all: between the past and the present; between East and West; between her family and her lover.

Songs from the Other Side of the Wall is a coming of age story that inhabits anti-capitalist chatrooms and ancient wine cellars, seedy bars and dreaming spires; and takes us on a remarkable journey across Europe and cyberspace in the company of rock stars and dropouts, diaries that appear from nowhere, a telepathic fashion mogul, and the talking statue of a bull.

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Rose O'flynn (roseoflynn) | 2 comments Threads - The Tapestry of LifeRose O'Flynn

Set in Russia and Estonia, this novel is based on facts discovered in a hidden family diary. The story follows the amazing experiences of one family as they live through 50 years which encompass the extraordinary influences on ordinary people of WWI, The Russian Revolution, WWII and deportation to Siberia.Threads - The Tapestry of LifeThreads - The Tapestry of Life

message 14: by Rose (new)

Rose O'flynn (roseoflynn) | 2 comments Threads - The Tapestry of Life by Rose O'FlynnRose O'Flynn

Set in Russia and Estonia, this book is based on facts discovered in a family diary, long hidden. The story relates the amazing experiences of one family over 50 extraordinary years encompassing WWI, the Russian Revolution, WWII and deportation to Siberia. It is an uplifting view of the strength of human endurance and hope.

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Stuart Estell (5357311) | 1 comments Verruca Music by Stuart Estell
Verruca Music by Stuart Estell

eight cuts gallery press presents the debut novel by Stuart Estell, who lives in Birmingham. It is absurdist comedy of the very blackest kind, informed by a love of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Peter Cook and The Goon Show. Featuring the Fibonacci sequence, floors that open up without warning, a powerful laxative, and a duvet that periodically changes colour, Verruca Music charts the narrator's emergence from a state of fearful near-immobility assisted only by entertainments of his own devising.

Some comments from Goodreads readers:

"a lovely work of experimental fiction. Although I know nothing about music theory, the repetition of the text reads like a song, or perhaps even the cyclical nature of obsessive thought patterns and internal dialogues" - Scarlet

"Music as words, words as music and something else in-between." - Daniel Roberts

"wonderful novel... easy to read but has a dark malevolence always in the shadows." - Gary Varga

message 16: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments DROP OUT

After overcoming incredible personal tragedy Nathan Cruz meets a terminal, young woman who helps him find the strength to piece his shattered life back together.
Drop Out

message 17: by Neil (new)

message 18: by Kian (new)

Kian | 1 comments Here, Home, Hope
A story full of empowerment, inspiration, and friendship. This book has something for for any woman of any stage of life.Winner of Indie Exellence Award,Usa Book Awards and Honorable Mention . Writers Digest International Book Awards.

message 19: by Kate (last edited Nov 22, 2011 08:36AM) (new)

Kate | 7 comments Suckers n Scallies by Kate Rigby
Suckers n Scallies

"Pretty much perfect literary fiction. The eras of English history are immediately invoked just by the naming of a certain sweet or biscuit. The characters have depth and appeal. We are vividly able to share in the tiny moments of resonance when past and present collide for a character. The central event itself is so subtle but gives meaning to the many relationships and personal struggles of the characters."

message 20: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments DROP OUT

When the Twin Towers fell, Nathan Cruz saved the lives of dozens of strangers but the one life he could not save was that of his fiancé. Wracked with survivor’s guilt and unresolved goodbyes, Nathan drops out of society where he lives self-sufficiently on a houseboat in Florida.

A twist of fate lands him into the home of Miriam Kanter, a young, fiercely independent woman with a shocking secret. Alone together in the midst of a raging hurricane, Nathan discloses the nearly unbearable sorrows of his past and finds strength to piece his shattered life back together. Being with Miriam, he feels the connection he’d been missing, stirring up feelings buried long ago. But will Miriam’s own life cut short and plunge Nathan back into his world of reclusive isolation? Drop Out by Neil Ostroff

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Eumeralla - Secrets, Tragedy and Love by Joanna Stephen-Ward

If Eleanor could go back twenty-four years and change things she'd wish away her children.

message 22: by Charles (last edited Nov 27, 2011 07:37AM) (new)

Charles Elford (CharlesElford) | 1 comments Black Mahler The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Story dramatically brings to life the true story of all but forgotten, English composer, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912). Born to a white mother and black father and raised in the London suburb of Croydon, Coleridge-Taylor’s epic choral trilogy, ‘The Song of Hiawatha’ makes this funny, generous and modest young man a worldwide sensation overnight. Although hailed a cultural hero by African Americans, Coleridge struggles against financial ruin, personal tragedy and seismic obstacles throughout his short life. Along the way he unites a world.

Norman Lebrecht said “It’s an incredibly human story which, in my view, would translate extremely well to film.”

Republished in 2012 to mark the 100th anniversary of Coleridge-Taylor's passing.

message 23: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Patricia wrote: "Emily Dickinson: Beyond the Myth

Forget what you've been taught about Emily Dickinson, discard the myth that has been passed down through the years, and step into Emily's real life. Although this ..."

From one Patricia to another...
Thank you for this post, and for highlighting this book. I have been an Emily Dickinson fan since High School. When I write I tend to use alot of '-''s, so I think there is some identification between me and Emily. I am looking forward to reading this book.
Thanks again,

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Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 5 comments My Imaginary Life

Alone in a green chalet set among the dunes and marram grass on a beach somewhere on the west coast of Wales, Rheanna is painting her way out of a breakdown brought about by the disappearance of her son and the death of her lover. One night a terrifying storm and the sudden appearance in the chalet of a mysterious teenage boy jolt her precarious and hard-won equilibrium. Fragmented images from stolen hours making love with Cameron Franklin, a notorious poet, play across her mind, and as events gather and escalate, Rheanna struggles to retain her grip on reality until the final pages when past and present collide.

message 25: by Cynan (new)

Cynan Jones (CynanJones) | 6 comments Everything I Found on the Beach by Cynan Jones

Imagine finding treasure. Tell me you've never done that. But what if the treasure you find brings a risk? And what if taking that risk means you can change things for the better? Maybe.

“**** A Welshman, an Irishman and a Pole: the start of a bad joke? No, the pained central protagonists of Cynan Jones’s excellent second novel… some moments that will make your heart race…” Ben Isaacs, Time Out

“A gripping thriller…” John Barnie, Planet

“…a novel that confirms Jones as a thrilling new presence in Welsh writing. He writes with an acute observation of human nature and the world he inhabits.” Steve Dubé, Western Mail

“ achieves the rare feat of combining a poignant and lyrical picture of everyday lives with elements of a thriller…a richly-imagined and constantly engaging novel.” Linda Ruhemann, New Welsh Review

message 26: by Cynan (new)

Cynan Jones (CynanJones) | 6 comments The Long Dry by Cynan Jones

Gareth wakes up on morning in the middle of a long, dry spell of weather to find a calving cow is missing. What follows is a search.

“Jones's sense of place is acute, and his passion for the landscape - for its colours, its creatures, its textures, its scents - is absolutely magnetic.” Sarah Waters

"… a paean to the corruptibility of the flesh… characterised by moments of startling imagery and stirringly intense lyrical beauty…" Niall Griffiths

" like looking at an impressionist painting. I’m in awe. Jones has written a stunning book." Jo Verity

"Jones’s understanding of the shifting map of the human body and mind, how it affects our lives, and how it relates to the world outside of us is profound." Tracy Falke

“A near perfect debut novel.” Western Mail

message 27: by Cynan (new)

Cynan Jones (CynanJones) | 6 comments Cynan wrote: "The Long Dry by Cynan Jones

Is it a sign that the inset pic for the group is of a cow? ...

message 28: by Kate (new)

Kate | 7 comments Savage To Savvy
Savage To Savvy by Kate Rigby

Psychology graduate, Heidi Harper is appointed to work with Professor Mala, pioneer of a new project to rehabilitate dog-reared feral child, Nicki. Heidi is soon asking questions and her mission takes on sinister overtones. As the truth outs, the lives of all concerned begin to unravel. Savage To Savvy is a psychological novel following the structure of an academic paper: Abstract, Introduction, Method & Results, Discussion, Conclusions.

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

A woman with a secret.
An inquisitive journalist.
Ambitious young singers.

Young singers at an opera school learn drama and music.

United by their passion for opera they are divided by their love affairs, ambition and political views.

Vissi d'arte by Joanna Stephen-Ward

message 30: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 07, 2011 07:10PM) (new)

Hi all. Since all my novels are classed as literary fiction I will give a link where they all may be reviewed: It's my authors blog:
I've slotted a few into genres here as well.
Regards davidrory.

message 31: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Sinclair | 38 comments Hi folks. My book All the fun of the fair is now available in all ebook formats via

Set in Morecambe it features a broad cast of characters from a lonely Park Keeper to a former showgirl. Their stories are varied and interesting and, ultimately, linked as they each search for redemption, absolution, happiness. Some find it while others face a well deserved fall from grace.

You can find out more about it on my Goodreads page, my blog, or on Amazon. Failing than just google me. Either way, you can buy this book in paperback, on Kindle or any other format you like right now via Amazon or Smashwords.


message 32: by John (new)

John Logan (JohnAALogan) | 20 comments If anyone would like to follow me on Twitter:

Or Facebook:

Currently revising the "quotes" for my Amazon pages and website, current potential update stands at:

Comments about John A. A. Logan’s work:



“Writerly prowess” THE SPECTATOR

“Logan writes in very original terms” SCOTTISH STUDIES REVIEW

“The literary survival of author John Logan” THE NORTHERN TIMES

“Positive new chapter for thriller man” HIGHLAND NEWS

“City author’s e-book breaks into Top 100” THE INVERNESS COURIER

“A blistering, tough book, tempered with tenderness and mystery”
Alan Warner, author of THE STARS IN THE BRIGHT SKY

“He's a great writer. He should be read”
Cally Phillips, author of BRAND LOYALTY

“The storytelling is effortless, the echoes are long lasting.”
Roz Morris, author of MY MEMORIES OF A FUTURE LIFE

“Beautifully written…compelling…literary fiction/tartan noir/thriller/zany black comedy…Logan dances on a literary knife edge…blazing talent”
Linda Gillard, author of A LIFETIME BURNING

“Gripping all the way”

“This is writing and literature at its best. Imagine Stephen King combined with maybe Cormac McCarthy and a bit of Edgar Allen Poe tossed in.”

Other news: 39th review up now on Amazon UK:

24th review up on Amazon US:

message 33: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Sinclair | 38 comments Evening,

This is a bit crafty on my part since I've just put a very similar post in the crime bit but my books are now available via Even more exciting is that two of them, The 24 Hour Jazz Cafe and All the fun of the fair are on the front page in the featured ebooks section.

You can preview for free!

message 34: by Shawn (new)

Shawn StJean (stjean) | 3 comments Clotho's Loom: A Novel of Literary Romance and Realism

William Wyrd, an introverted history professor at long remove from his youthful days as a marine sniper, is drafted to serve overseas in the U.S. military at age thirty-nine. Already in a relationship made tenuous by the demands of dual professional careers and their own dearth of interpersonal experience, he and his wife are completely estranged by the blunder on the part of the government. But is this merely human error at work, a bad mix of circumstances—or warping of the skein of Fate? In the tradition of Robert Ludlum's Bourne Identity and follow-up novels, this literary action-adventure tale tests whether one's present choices, and even ultimate destiny, need be determined by one's past.

CLOTHO’S LOOM tracks the struggles of a husband and wife to reunite against forces arrayed to keep them apart. Will decides to keep his reactivation a secret, and deal with the claims from his dark past alone. Assured by faceless authorities that there has been no mistake, and given a date to report, he falls in with political undesirables and succumbs to their attempt to recruit him. He soon embarks on a quest for identity that leads him around the globe. Meanwhile, his partner, pregnant and abandoned, must navigate the no-less-treacherous task of survival at a highly politicized law office, dominated by two temperamentally opposite bosses, and the glass ceiling they erect over her. The narrative proceeds in an alternating chapter structure, paralleling Will’s masculine adventures with those of a woman enduring both professional and domestic perils. The common solution: a razing of egos, and the tempering of two spirits into alloy, alchemized by the common love of a child.

Author's blog:

message 35: by Evie (new)

Evie Woolmore | 1 comments There are some really lovely books described here, so I'm looking forward to getting some new reading. In the meantime if you're interested in some magical realist literary fiction, you might like my two novels, US and UK Amazon links from our blog:

EQUILIBRIUM by Evie Woolmore
Epiphany and Martha are sisters with a stage mediumship act in Edwardian London. When they are asked to give a private reading at the home of Lady Adelia Lyward to find out the truth about her brother's death, Martha must face up to her past. For two years ago, her affair with Lord Rafe Lyward ended in pregnant disgrace, and her attempted suicide in the River Thames. But there is more at stake than Martha's anonymous return, for Epiphany bears the burden of restoring the equilibrium, not just to the Lywards but to her sister and ultimately herself.

RISING UP by Evie Woolmore
Tom Macindeor is an itinerant English teacher, spending the summer in Warsaw in the hope of finding out the truth about his grandfather, a Polish resistance fighter. But when he hears the voice of Ela, a young woman trapped in the Jewish Ghetto of 1942, a window opens not just on his past but the future of the ghetto and all those who live in it. Should he share what he knows of their fate, or will Ela's search for the truth about her own family doom them both?

message 36: by James (last edited Nov 21, 2012 05:24AM) (new)

James Campbell (JamescCamp) | 2 comments Typhoon Season by James C. Campbell

Typhoon Season

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

"He was bound to a stiff metal chair by thick knots of electrical tape wrapped around his legs, chest and arms, his head the only part of him with full mobility. His hair was soaked and matted, plastered against his forehead, a thick sheen of sweat enveloping his face and neck. Lights were flaring wildly around him, and the screeching, inhuman sounds bombarding the room from every angle were terrifying, causing him to constantly throw back his head in paroxysms of fear. It had been half-an-hour, but everything he had said so far had been useless, and so on it went.

But there was no rush – they had all night."

Daniel Mason, British trade representative, moves to Taiwan with his young son Tyler, trying to put the tragedies of his time in Shanghai behind him. But when Tyler falls strangely ill, eating away at the fragile routine Daniel had constructed to simply get by, he finds himself sinking into a darkness that, the further he goes, he may never be able to atone for.

This is the debut novel of James C. Campbell, who spent over three years in Taiwan researching the complexities of Chinese/Taiwanese history and culture, and how the current political stalemate affects not only each country but the day-to-day dealings of locals and expats alike. Typhoon Season is at once the story of one man's struggle with a grief so deep-seated it threatens to destroy him, and also how large-scale sweeps of history play out across the lives of individuals.

Ultimately the question is not whether you like Daniel Mason, but rather, can you understand him.

Disclaimer: Contains graphic sexual content.

message 37: by João (last edited Dec 21, 2012 06:55PM) (new)

João Cerqueira | 5 comments The Tragedy of Fidel Castro by João Cerqueira
Hello everyone,

I would like to share my novel The Tragedy of Fidel Castro.
It is a highly ironic tale that has affinities not only with the work of José Saramago, but also with John Niven's The Second Coming and John Banville’s The Infinities in its humour and the use of divine intervention.

The book was considered “Book of the Year” in Portugal in 2009 by the magazine Os Meus Livros (Portugal) and excerpts have been published in Contemporary Literary Review India, The Liberator Magazine, Literary Lunes, Toad Suck Review # 2, All Right Magazine, Danse Macabre and Anastomo.

The book addresses three distinct themes: the dictatorship of Fidel Castro, the miracle of Fátima in 1917 - in which the Virgin Mary predicted an end to Communism - and divine existence, weaving them together in a seemingly fantasy plot.

I have been three times in Cuba and some parts of the novel - the demonstrations against the regime - were told me by Havana citizens.

Here is the synopsis:

God receives a request for help from Fatima because a war between Fidel Castro and JFK is about to start. Worried, God asks his son Jesus to return to Earth and difuse the conflict.

Meanwhile, JFK and his counselor are about to interrogate a captured Fidel Castro’s spy (Varadero). Following a testy Communism versus Capitalism debate, JFK set him free and Varadero returns to Cuba. However, his faith in Fidel Castro is shaken and the spy begins to suspect that he is supporting the wrong side.

In Cuba, Fidel Castro faces protests on the streets and realizes that he is about to be overthrown. Suspecting Varadero betrayed him, Fidel imprisons the spy as he previously did with the revolutionary hero Camilo Ochoa[1]. Desperate, he decides to invade JFK’s country as a way to divert people's attention from his own problems.

Fidel’s' army invades part of JFK’s country but cannot conveniently convince the inhabitants of the advantages of Marxism. Whilst peasants refuse a land reform, whores prefer free enterprise. Castro is then forced to ask Varadero for advice. Varadero seizes the opportunity accusing him of having betrayed the revolution and responsible for Cuba’s misery.

Disturbed and distressed, Fidel isolates himself in unknown territory and following a fall which leaves him amnesiac. He is found by monks who take him to a solitary convent where mad people are ministered by the Church. Once inside he see’s the fools are enslaved, Castro starts a revolution against the friars. The course of events reignites his memory.

By this time, Christ has arrived on Earth accompanied by Fatima, who is convinced she can create a miracle to avoid the ultimate battle between JFK and Fidel Castro.

Back with his army, Fidel Castro receives a visit from the Devil and makes a pact: he sells his soul in exchange for being remembered as a hero who fought for a better world. In the future, nobody will call him dictator.

Finally the two armies meet in battle, but JFK proposes to fight Fidel Castro in a duel to avoid wholesale carnage.
Fatima, Christ and Varadero watch the duel behind a bush. After a violent struggle, JFK overthrows Castro with a stone. Then he grabs a knife. But when everyone thought that he had killed him – much like David and Goliath – it transpires that ... .
________________________________________[1] Combination of Camilo Cienfuegos and General Arnaldo Ochoa, sentenced to death.

Please see reviews here:

Thank you for your attention
João Cerqueira

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Confiteor Media (confiteormedia) Circuits of the Wind , the lyrical story of the net generation -- growing up and coming of age in the computer underground of the 80s and 90s.

Circuits of the Wind: A Legend of the Net Age

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Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments DROP OUT
When the Twin Towers fell, Nathan Cruz saved the lives of dozens of strangers but the one life he could not save was that of his pregnant fiancé. Wracked with survivor’s guilt and unresolved goodbyes, Nathan drops out of society where he lives self-sufficiently on a houseboat in Florida.

A twist of fate lands him into the home of Miriam Kanter, a young, fiercely independent woman with a shocking secret. Alone together in the midst of a raging hurricane, Nathan discloses the nearly unbearable sorrows of his past and finds strength to piece his shattered life back together. Being with Miriam, he feels the connection he’d been missing, stirring up feelings buried long ago. But will Miriam’s own life cut short and plunge Nathan back into his world of reclusive isolation?

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Claude Forthomme (ClaudeNougat) | 1 comments Just out with a Baby Boomer novel:
A Hook in the Sky by Claude NougatA Hook in the Sky

And in case you're wondering about what is a Baby Boomer novel, it's a fast growing NEW GENRE. Here's the explanation:

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Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments What if everything we perceive, all we experience, is just a figment of someone else’s imagination? And what if that someone is dying?


A botched military mission finds new recruit Christopher Parker in a hostile prison camp. His life has become pain. To escape the prolonged misery of torture, Christopher journeys deep into his own memories and imagination, reliving his life in extreme detail. Imagery is so precise the people who occupy these memories believe they are living real lives. As each character explores ever-shifting landscapes of Christopher’s imagination they uncover a shocking truth; Christopher is slowly dying. Can they fight against Christopher’s own thoughts from convincing life to slip away before everything they know disappears forever?

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Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments DROP OUT
The room was sparse and dimly lit with flickering strawberry-scented candles. Power was out. It had been nearly a decade since Nathan had stood inside someone’s home; since that tragic day when he lost everything that ever mattered to him. Outside, a hurricane sounded like it was beating palm trees against the earth. Nathan didn’t know the woman who’d rescued him from the throes of the deadly storm, but he would soon enough. Her name is Miriam and she is about to drastically change everything he ever thought about the meaning of life and what lies beyond. Nathan will discover that the strength of love can piece his shattered world back together and heal wounds that cut deep into his soul. But he never figured the perils he and Miriam were about to face by knowing the most horrible knowledge that one can know.

DROP OUT is a beautiful tapestry of life, love, and acceptance that is moving, romantic, and real.
Drop Out by Neil D. Ostroff

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Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments Bound to become a classic

Please check out my latest novel, DROP OUT, which Kindle Fire calls; “Touching, romantic, and wonderfully told, this is a book that's bound to become a classic.”

It is their book of the day. Thank you.

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Holly (HollyBourque) | 1 comments My Name is Joe by Stefan Bourque My Name is Joe

When Joe's doctor advises him to get his affairs in order, he faces two choices: leave this world full of regrets, or seek forgiveness for a life unlived.

An unexpected thing happens on Joe's path to redemption. He meets Rebecca, a young, single mother struggling with guilt over the death of her own mother. They soon come to realize that the other may hold the key to forgiveness and salvation -- if they can find the courage to trust one another.


"Last year I was diagnosed with cancer. I have been treated and am now in the waiting stages. Waiting to see if it stays away or comes back. I have been in a kind of limbo. Not working and not really living. This book really woke me up." -- Linda W.

"Words like grace, humanity, peace and worth all belong in a review for this book. This is the first book in a long time that looks, really looks, at what it means to be human." -- Kristen C.

"Bourque's prose is beautiful. Joe's musings on his life could apply to a lot of us and his resolve to make the last part of his life meaningful is a joy to read." -- Judith R.

"An incredibly moving story about the power of human kindness. Stefan Bourque wrote a beautiful, heartwarming story." -- Heather C.

"I have never written a book review before but I felt I had to put in 5 stars for this one, a very heartwarming book that made me cry. Amazing book!" -- Amazon Reviewer

"This book seemed so autobiographical, it was hard to believe it was a work of fiction. I cannot imagine how the author had thoughts that rang so true." -- Amazon Reviewer

"Wonderful book! Makes one introspective and have deep thoughts about the way each of us live our lives. It truly touched my heart." -- Amazon Reviewer

"Stefan Bourque is a gifted and talented writer. Couldn't put the book down once I started reading." -- Rob A.

"The writing is just beautiful; in fact, I've slowed my pace in order to savor it and make it last as long as possible." -- Amazon Reviewer

"A book this well-written is such a gift." -- Amazon Reviewer

"Restored my faith in the potential for human kindness." -- Goodreads Reviewer

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Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments DROP OUT
When the Twin Towers fell, Nathan Cruz saved the lives of dozens of strangers but the one life he could not save was that of his pregnant fiancé. Wracked with survivor’s guilt and unresolved goodbyes, Nathan drops out of society where he lives self-sufficiently on a houseboat in Florida.

A twist of fate lands him into the home of Miriam Kanter, a young, fiercely independent woman with a shocking secret. Alone together in the midst of a raging hurricane, Nathan discloses the nearly unbearable sorrows of his past and finds strength to piece his shattered life back together. Being with Miriam, he feels the connection he’d been missing, stirring up feelings buried long ago. But will Miriam’s own life cut short and plunge Nathan back into his world of reclusive isolation?


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Courtenay | 1 comments Beyond the Veil: Enter the Temple, Enter Heaven

Available on Kindle, Amazon, B&N and Wipf and Stock.

"If you were to take Pilgrims Progress, blend with it with A Christmas Carol, and season it with C.S. Lewis, this it what the product would be. It was a delight to read and Mr. Dudek's poetic imagery drew me into the story and gave a me a solid Sunday afternoon read. The story is one that many people can relate to and one could easily put their name in place of Nicholas's and be reading a story of themselves. I enjoyed my time with the book and look forward to re-reading it."

"Take an updated yet timeless journey through the heavens in this Dantean and Lewisian tale. The story bears a burden of wisdom and the poetry that brings the volume to a close captures the majesty and mystery of the universe...and the Christian faith."

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