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message 1: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony Ok, I've always had PCs, but every time my PC shuts down and I have to restart it (once every couple days)I hear the voice of my smarmy Mac friends saying "my Mac never shuts down."

Plus...the new Mac laptops look pretty cool.

Thoughts? Ready...set...go!

message 2: by Kristjan (new)

Kristjan (booktroll) The not shutting down is a slight exaggeration ... The OS is build on server technology, so it IS designed to rarely shutdown; however, if you use it as a desktop machine it is still a good idea every now and then unless you have the appropriate utilities to clean stuff up while running. In addition, if you take the standard update installs (patches to the OS), the Mac will force you to restart just like windows (Application/Program installs typically don't unless they hook into the OS somehow). Of course, now that Mac is running Intel chips, you can run both Mac OS X and Windows (for those few times when Mac just doesn't have what you need).

Servius  Heiner  | 1980 comments Mod
Mac all the way. We have both a desktop and a laptop, never had a problem with either. The desk top is many years old... ( I think an 01' or 02') and it still out preforms PC. I think in all the years we have had ours, we only had one "lock-up". Sure they cost more, but you get what you pay for.

message 4: by Gåry! (last edited Oct 15, 2008 09:11AM) (new)

Gåry! (garyneill) Buying a Mac gets you an appliance branded by Apple, everything must be approved by Apple.

Buying a PC gets you the flexibility to basically do anything you want with your computer (including running the MAC OS if you're so inclined).

If you just need an appliance, get a Mac, can't beat the style factor.

If you want a computer that's more flexible and half the price, get a PC.

I have both and I've used both for graphic design projects as well as music production (pretty processor intensive applications) and for the $, the PC is the better buy... but that's not why you buy an Apple, you buy an Apple to buy into the brand and get that whole cool style-factor going on.

As far as stability goes, they've been equal for me... when a Mac crashes it crashes hard and I've found that it has happened (over the years) at about the same frequency as a Windows box (both rarely, the Mac has a more painful crash).

Anyway, the practical choice is the PC. The gotta have that cool computer choice is the Mac.

message 5: by Kristjan (new)

Kristjan (booktroll) How are you running Mac OS X on a PC? Don't you need a ROM image for that?

message 6: by Not Bill (new)

Not Bill | 1062 comments Mac Daddy - all the way.

I have to work with Vista on a daily basis. Biggest. Piece. Of. Shit. Ever (since Win ME that is).

My fave is the Duo Core IntelMac running 10.5.3. Unbeatable.

message 7: by Gåry! (new)

Gåry! (garyneill) Now, I didn't say it was easy ;)...

In my case, I have patched a legitimate copy of OSX (although I'm sure there's probably some stupid rule I'm breaking) so that it will ignore the hardware identifications Apple and Intel use to "lock it down".

There is some company out there selling a dongle that would supposedly also work (but I don't know anything about it) and then there's always the option of virtualizing MAC OS to run within XEN or VMWare or even *cringe* Pear PC.

When it comes down to it, it's all just a matter of opinion... people latch onto things they don't like and use that to justify their opinions about what their preference is.

I like 'em both! PC just happens to win because I desire the flexibility for the price. Apple's a nice product... they get to charge a premium because they control almost every feature of the box from the hardware up to the user interface.

message 8: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
Macity Mac Mac Mac, Jack.

message 9: by Kristjan (new)

Kristjan (booktroll) @Gåry - Hmmm ... you got a pointer to some instructions for that? I am very interested.

Petra going to Mexico to hospital again, so hiatus (petra-x) I have five lap tops all pc all Vista except one which is XP. I wish they were all XP. I like Macs, I like PCs but I have an internet cafe and Macs aren't practical for that at all as most people know pcs and don't know Macs. Personally, I like both, so long as I can do what I want on them, I don't mind which one I work on.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

I use macs at work and I have a pc at home. There's just no doubt that macs are easier to use for the computer-simple types like me. They run faster (especially start up), they're less glitchy. I SWEAR! It drives me crazy just turning the sound on and off my pc. CRAZY! Yes, I know that if you're a big-time computer whiz, you can make your pc do everything in the world, but I'm not and if I was more financially able, I'd have a mac at home in a flat second. Someday.

message 12: by Lori (new)

Lori Talking about intuitive, on a PC why do you have to click on Start in order to shut down!

I've owned nothing but Macs, have worked on PC, Jake and Richard have a PC and I'm lost on it, especially when I'm so accustomed to the ease of using a Mac.

message 13: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Okay, I have two arty friends up in Seattle (I left out the "farty" part so as not to offend my lovely Charissa:), they have a mac and I get all confused when I try to use it.

I have a PC, laptop 1 year old, came with Vista. I agree with whoever called it the biggest.piece.of.shit.ever! I hate Vista with the white hot light of a thousand fiery suns. (Isn't that a movie quote? Miik?) What a complete pain in the ass it is! Bill Gates is a sadistic man...

PC at work, XP, no problem!

message 14: by Gåry! (last edited Oct 15, 2008 03:02PM) (new)

Gåry! (garyneill) Vic 20!

@King, but he knows that ;)

message 15: by Cyril (new)

Cyril I had a Mac SE for 10 yrs before switching to PCs. I don't belong to any computer cult. It's more convenient to use PCs since they are used at work and my wife is more familiar with them. They also have more games available. I have Vista for home and I have not had any problems with it. It has never crashed, which XP used to do periodically. I am nowhere near a power user, however.

My favorite computer ever was the Apple IIe.

message 16: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

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