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Minorities in the series ?

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Armand I'm a big fan of this series and of Patrick Lee -Patrick Lee- but I was wondering if anyone else felt like the books need some more diversity. I feel like everyone (most of whom aren't described) has an Anglo sounding name. I feel like it doesn't accurately reflect real America, and it takes away from my reading just a bit.

It would be nice to have some of the characters be ethnically Korean or Irish or Cajun or any of the other groups that make up our corner of the world.

ps: I have no interest in telling the author what to do, but I am interested in your (the reader's) reaction.

Mary I love these books, but I think you bring up a valid and interesting point. I would love to see more diversity in most books, movies, and tv. If we keep talking about it, maybe things will start to shift!

Simon Rosser I'll let you know when i've read DEEP SKY, the third in the series - thought the first two were highly original and well written, but i accept what you say about the characters names/ethnicity etc

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CJ Scurria I figure since I haven't noticed any minorities in the first two books that he probably doesn't do that in Deep Sky either.

Hopefully Patrick Lee will write more books and put more diversity to his characters in the future.

Armand I should add (since I started the thread) that it's not Patrick Lee so much as it seems to be a convention of the thriller genre. I just thought of this question while I was reading his books.

And thanks everyone for your thoughts and replies!

Chris This might sound silly, but they say, "Write what you know." Perhaps it's that simple: it's just much *easier* to write what you know.

We're talking about stories here. They're not trying to lecture or educate us via subliminal propaganda. They're aiming to entertain us, that's all. If you want to make a point about society, perhaps non-fiction is the way to go. When I read, I don't see colour, or faces--I see characterisations of people. We're all the same inside.

It's not real remember. It's just tomato sauce, as my mother used to say when I saw blood in the movies.

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Rob Rowntree It's an interesting point and naturally it would be nice to see more diverse characterisation. But, does it matter to the story? Patrick wrote the story with the character's he used and we as readers seem to have enjoyed it. I know I did. If you replaced all the characters with more ethnic ones, apart from some background and mannerisms, would the story be any better off?

I'm sure Patrick Lee is well aware of his character choices and any impact those choices have. And of course, he'd already written The Breach with these guys in and as the series continues he's got to use them.

Have any of you read Runner? Are the characters any more diverse in that?

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