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Flow my tears, the policeman said

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Hi everyone,

you might remember that I am going to write my term paper on Phil Dick's works.
I decided on a main theme now: The "What is real?"-question.
So, I picked up Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said because I thought that it might be a nice example of some of his earlier confused reality writings.

After having read other of his confused reality novels (Ubik being the most famous), I had the impression that Flow my tears was actually quite tame, even conventional.


Sure, Jason Taverner does loose his identity - but he does get it back in the end. There is only one twist: Jason the TV star, Jason loosing his identity and trying to get it back and in the end, there is again Jason the TV star. Ubik is a lot more complicated there, having much more twists - 2 or 3, I think. Even the end, the last chapter, is a twist. In Flow my tears, however, the epilogue even told the reader what happens with all the other characters in the book.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the novel. I only did not think it was typically phildickian - it could have also been written by just any random Sci Fi guy.

What are your thoughts on the novel, maybe also in contrast with Ubik or Eye in the sky?

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Ozan (ozant) | 1 comments What about Eye in the Sky?
I always through that it ended in Jack Hamilton's dream. Because he was veryl materialist and realist guy, dream world really looked like real world. I never wondered about why Jack was so sure about his business's success, it was his dream, he can do anything.

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I felt the whole explanation as to how Taverner lost his identity was a bit of a cop out (no pun intended.) We spent the whole book building up this mystery and it was just explained away in a paragraph or two.

The book had some great individual moments, particularly the part where the swat team is searching the hotel and the very end scene where the policeman hugs the old black man.

I found the book enjoyable but a bit unfocused.

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Douglas (dougkotti) | 2 comments I agree with Spoilerfish. The explanation came suddenly and was too brief, and was a bit anticlimactic. Yet typical of PKD's stories, Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said was an engaging, entertaining read.

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Palmer Eldritch | 2 comments Eye in the Sky and Ubik are great. But they have a different flavour than Flow My Tears. Coming from those I can understand your disappointment. But...

I don't think a random sci-fi guy could have written Flow My Tears. And it is very philipkdickian. You know Philip K. Dick is much more than the clever twists and turns in Ubik. Look at the characters in Flow My Tears. They are the usual PKD trademark characters. The random sci-fi guy would never come up with those. He would have a hero in the lead. Unlike the average science fiction there is no real heros in PKD's worlds if you have noticed....

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