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1. This is a place where free expression of opinions is wanted and accepted, however rudeness is not. We want lively discussion and debate, but when making your comments, don't forget to be awesome.
2. Feel free to add books to the bookshelves, however the "read" shelf will be reserved for books read as a club so that new members can tell when a book has already been covered and can join the discussion.
3. When nominating books for us to read as a group, please remember to nominate books that are being adapted/have been adapted to film. Other titles can be recommended and discussed in the appropriate discussion board.
4. If you have authored a book, feel free to add it to the "to-read" shelf as well as the "member-authored-books" shelf.
5. Before starting a new topic, please check to make sure that a similar topic hasn't already been created.

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