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 ☠☼Serena☼☠ | 247 comments joe: i'm such a man bitch!
tess: ya thank?
donye: he duzznt think
serena: yyeaah.. um.. r there any more donuts? i want another one!
seo: serena stop stuffing ur face! ew man!
serena: whtever. **walks away to her room and blasts music**
joe: **all wide-eyed** was it sthn i did? wahhH!!!!! **bursts out crying**
tess: *sigh* wht a baby
donye: yeah!
seo: let's get outta here
donye: no. let's stay...
tess: yeah...
serena: **sticks head outta room(** it's nice to hear joey cry... >:)

message 2: by Donye (new)

Donye | 162 comments why wuld i wanna stay n i wanna see joe have a gurly fit n cry jus cause he's on his ragg n he's all emotional n shit...n if u don't kno wat it mean's it means (.)!

message 3: by Donye (new)

Donye | 162 comments donye:u alway's do serena
serena:but i can't help it i'm in love w/ him
tess:dude get a life
serena:i have a life n it contains n fulfills all 2 joe
tess: *goes 2 donye* wat shuld we do w/ her?
donye:i say we throw her away...no wait i mean throw her in jail n throw away da key's
serena:can u throw joe n there w/ me?
tess:..i shuld slap u jus 4 sayin dat
serena:no thanks if anyone does i prefer it 2 be my lover joe...he's jus so manly n sexii n omi god i'm gettin hot jus thinkin about him
tess: EW
donye: GROSS serena...

 ☠☼Serena☼☠ | 247 comments serena: i know you guys are so in lurv with joe the ho that u call him ur 'playmate' behind ur backs...
joe: really? they do! ayy!!! **goes and tries to.. *cough cough*... donye and tess**
donye: oooooooo get offa me!
tess: oh joe! get us a room!
donye: while ur there, can you get me an energy drink?
serena: get me a starbucks latte.. thanks...
tess: oh no! too much! too much! i just wanna be with joeyy!!!!
donye: can i come with you?
serena: *groan* ewww u guys.. ewww....
tess: okay!
donye: yay!
joe: ooohhhhh sounds lyk funn!!!
serena: i'm leaving. **walks over to starbucks and sits down and has a latte**
donye: starbucks!!!
serena: okay donye.. u can chill with me. let tess do her 'thang' with joe...
donye: okay.. yeah. i think i'd prefer to NOT be there.....
tess: whtevr u guys... let's go joe.... **drags him to a room and opens the door**
serena: ur kidding right...?
tess: no! i am not! im serious about joe! i love him!
joe: can we just go into the friggin room already!
tess: all right darling.. let's go!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

holy shit

message 6: by Karielle (new)

Karielle at Books à la Mode (thestephanieloves) wow. what she said. oops, he {failed attempt ata nonfunny joke...you know, that's what she said?}

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message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

that was sooo not a that's what she said moment.

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message 10: by Karielle (new)

Karielle at Books à la Mode (thestephanieloves) shut up

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Jo-sofh, please tell me you know 'that's what she said'

and seo, u shut up

message 12: by Karielle (new)

Karielle at Books à la Mode (thestephanieloves) no you shutup

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

wait what? i forgot what i said :-/

ps both of you shut up!

message 14: by Karielle (new)

Karielle at Books à la Mode (thestephanieloves) youre a SHE!?

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

lol what? no

wait who were you talkin to?

message 16: by Karielle (new)

Karielle at Books à la Mode (thestephanieloves) talken to you. no? (means "yes")

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

LOL uh...nvr mind

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

.....i'm confused.....

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

haha ditto

message 20: by Donye (new)

Donye | 162 comments dito # 2

message 21: by Donye (new)

Donye | 162 comments i love dis group...n reading da comments bring back gud memories :)

message 22: by ♠Miriam♠ (new)

♠Miriam♠ (mirizzle) | 222 comments Mod
yeah... good times... good times

message 23: by Donye (new)

Donye | 162 comments we need 2 start a new one

message 24: by ♠Miriam♠ (new)

♠Miriam♠ (mirizzle) | 222 comments Mod
yeah, u start!

message 25: by Donye (new)

Donye | 162 comments hahahaha ok wait give me a topic n i'll go frm dere

message 26: by ♠Miriam♠ (new)

♠Miriam♠ (mirizzle) | 222 comments Mod
no the point of u STARTING a topic means u have to think of the TOPIC!

message 27: by Donye (new)

Donye | 162 comments wudever!

ok um how bout we talk about wat were gonna do 4 da summer?

message 28: by ♠Miriam♠ (new)

♠Miriam♠ (mirizzle) | 222 comments Mod
ok sure

message 29: by Donye (new)

Donye | 162 comments No dat topic is 2 gay n boring

message 30: by ♠Miriam♠ (new)

♠Miriam♠ (mirizzle) | 222 comments Mod
ur the one who brought it up!! geesh...

message 31: by Donye (new)

Donye | 162 comments um wats wit the attitude!?

message 32: by ♠Miriam♠ (new)

♠Miriam♠ (mirizzle) | 222 comments Mod
lol no attitude, just stating the OBVIOUS.

message 33: by Karielle (new)

Karielle at Books à la Mode (thestephanieloves) i agree with mirkat!

message 34: by ♠Miriam♠ (new)

♠Miriam♠ (mirizzle) | 222 comments Mod

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